Our favourite PUBLIC SECTOR MONEY PIT, Bristol City Council’s Bottle Yard Studios, the loudmouth film and creative industries public relations initiative for the city funded by you, dear council tax payer, has some news.

We learn that at present there is NO MORE SPACE at the studios to make any actual, er, films, because Mammoth Screen, the private production firm behind BBC’s crappy Poldark drama is currently renting out most of the studios as cheap STORAGE SPACE!

Quite why the firm can’t pay COMMERCIAL RATES at Big Yellow Storage like the rest of us and let us use our facility, subsidised to the tune of £1million a year by the council taxpayer, to make films is unclear.

This foray by the council into the world of equipment storage at the city’s premier creative industries venue puts a rather large dent in their ridiculous claim that they are delivering JOBS and TRAINING in the film industry for the people of South Bristol.

What are these jobs and training in? Manual handling and minimum wage security roles?


  1. paul

    I’m still waiting for Karin Smyth to confirm exactly how the quoted £18m directly into the Bristol economy figure came from? I think the foi is now about 14 Months late.

    I just wanted to double check that Karin and the Council haven’t simply added up the total spend and quoted that figure? because that really isn’t how to do it, but I suspect ike the 82,000 Metrobus jobs that’s exactly what they did. I thought about asking financial expert Craig Cheney but as he doesn’t know the difference between turnover and profit (and no Caig they aren’t intrinsically linked as you seem to think, where the fuck do they find these people???) I didn’t bother

    1. Wanker McNulty (Lockleaze)

      I wish to disassociate myself from the comments of Fuckface.
      Wanker McNulty (Lockleaze)


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