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“Please find attached photo (courtesy of Bristol Post today) of a contractor working for Bristol City Council on the Centre. For a council that states it is a leader in health and safety, surely they should know anybody using the tip of a chainsaw to cut timber without safety trousers is asking for an accident?”

How easy it is to save money and outsource risk by using the private sector to risk lives instead …

4 thoughts on “OUTSOURCING WATCH

  1. (metal) Rod instead of a knee

    While this government oversees the controlled collapse of the economy people will become desparate for work to feed themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately this is the norm for a Tory bastard administration. What is depressing here is that this worker is risking his health in broad daylight while working for a Labour led City Council. One more example, as if we need it that there is ‘Nothing LEFT in today’s Labour Party’.
    For those lucky enough not to remember, read on –
    Casualisation kills

    1. Andrew F L Cocks

      Rod Please understand that my comment was not about yours. It was made before yours was posted comrade..

  2. Andrew F L Cocks

    Cutting corners to increase private company profits is an inevitable consequence of the mayoral system .
    My main concern is that spending on vanity public works such as the current cosmetic attempt to replace the nonfunctional street architecture on the centre are wasting funds which should go into depleted social sectors such as SEND which is in crisis.
    Following the new legislation to protect statues it is disturbing to see The Colston Plinth with his name and Cult Iconography still in Place. Why has the Naive Mayor been so foolish to leave this there is he Ignorant or does he actually support the racist merchant venturers in their attempt to rebrand their Image?

  3. Hot Rod

    Comrade Andrew, no sweat but thanks and keep posting. Try this- Not wasting funds. It all depends on your agenda. Ask yourself, who’s pockets’ does the funding for this project go into ? It’s a regular cash cow. And just one of many. Nothing built to last otherwise no more pay days. Yes this is wrong. YES the most vunerable should be cared for first. Yes the plinth is all part of their shit. Talking of which – Rees is not naive. He is paid to gather and re-distribute funds and take the heat. The only question is will he remain in Briz when he’s replaced. Cause the fuck sure has no love for this city or the people in it.


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