Ever so informative Wikipedia says this under the heading ‘Treating (law)‘;

Treating is an electoral fraud criminal offence in the United Kingdom. Treating occurs when an election candidate or their agents offer material incentives for people to vote for them or to abstain from voting. It is a triable either way offence with the sentence being up to either an unlimited fine, one year imprisonment or both.[1]

So here’s a photo of Labour’s Darren Jones MP and their council candidate for Lockleaze “well-known community activist” Aadaya Adlam giving away free mobile phones outside Lockleaze Community Centre earlier this week!

Darren Jones Phones

Free and fair elections Labour style!

2 thoughts on “A LABOUR TREAT FOR YOU!

  1. Pocket computer or pay-as-you-go burner ?

    Mobile phones ? – how imaginative !
    with speed dial installed for the Samaritians obviously
    – LMFAO.

  2. Another community activist

    I hope someone had the good sense to use one of the phones to ring his mates, the police, and report this violation of the law.
    Anyone who refuses to condem police violence against peaceful demonstrators needs to be removed from office immediately.
    (I’d add that they should then be required to clean public lavartories with a tooth-brush.)
    If only his overpaid and uncaring for minorities such as the infirm and disabled, mate Marvin Rees had not closed them down.
    What ever happened to canvassing on policy rather than employing bribes ?
    But then we learn that’s all you get from feckless scum like these …


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