urban quarter

The quick sale of Kier’s half-finished ‘Urban Quarter’ development on Hengrove Lane, adjacent to Hengrove Leisure Centre to Terra Firma, a European private equity outfit, operating under the brand Tilia spells trouble for locals and increased profit for financiers.

The first thing Terra Firma have done is go back to Bristol City Council to alter the planning permission. Their request? That they can add two storeys to a couple of the proposed blocks of flats there.

While this will increase the amount of people and vehicles on a crowded site, it will also increase profits for a shadowy group from Europe’s financial elite.

This is also, of course, a profitable little private equity trick that can be pulled off elsewhere in South Bristol where the amount of unsustainable housing development on their open space, accompanied by few new public services or facilities, already has locals up in arms.

The housing crisis is turning out to be a nice little earner for some isn’t it? And a new kind of hell for others.


  1. Hyper Der-Mick

    So has Slocombe or Runhard secured Section 102 money to ensure a health clinic, pharmacy, school and green grocers ?
    Greater the development, greater the amount of Sec. 102 money. Lessons must of been learnt by the unmarvilous Marvin by now. Homes AND SHOPS, SCHOOLS AND HEALTH CENTRES. Plus these are places of work just as the non-existant Arena would have been.

    Just ensure corporate vultures, wanting to pay off their excessive personal mortgages don’t get the Sec. 102 money first.

    You know the kind of thing, £1.1 million for 1.8 miles of cycle path development, as in the Easton section of the Railway Path.
    Save the bees while fucking off the glow worms – you know the kind of thing.
    Wankers behind desks driving computers, no control over their own lives yet content to fuck up those of everybody else.

    And once again, where is that pointless O’Rouke and her middle class woke warriors ?

    Doing Jack shit except complaining about the British weather, while paying no heed to the ever growing numbers about to suffer from fuel poverty.
    Cold weather kills more in the UK than warm weather so STOP scaring the kids !

    Anyway, where is the opposition to grapine poisoning ?

  2. Slippery People

    Not mentioned here but on topic all the same.
    Banks such as those gangsters Lloyds are not so interested I’m providing mortgages.
    No, their focus has shifted to develop for the ‘For Rent’ market.
    Of course the rent will not be cheap – unlike the newly built flats.
    Watch out for dodgy heating systems and whopping electricity bills too !


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