A seemingly harmless question from posh Green councillor Carla “The Green Princess” Denyer at Tuesday’s council meeting got the Reverend Rees in a bit of an emotional state.

The painfully liberal member for the Royal Borough of Clifton East asked the Reverend a seemingly harmless question. Was it reasonable to refuse to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, a Private Members Bill currently going through Parliament, just because it was likely to fail without Tory support?

Back came a rambling response from a visibly emotional mayor: “I just anticipated this. When I see your name, my heart often sinks because it’s just the usual, kind of, you know, chess game trying to get a tweet or a blog out of the answer that feeds that line that, you know, Labour Party don’t care about the planet.”

This is despite the dull Green Princess not running a blog (unlike the Reverend) and running the most boring Twitter account imaginable! Could the Reverend’s response have anything to do with Ms Denyer’s efforts at present to become leader of the national Green party and the amount of press and attention she’s receiving locally and nationally? Press coverage that currently eclipses the thin-skinned jealous Reverend’s by a considerable amount?

It was obvious to many on Tuesday that our emotionally insecure mayor needed to constantly underline his own importance. He spent most of the meeting basically saying “Look at me. I’m a very important person” and boasting about the national and international corporate non-entities-in-suits he has been meeting with lately.

At one point he even told councillors that they lacked the integrity of the people he had had a highly important Zoom meeting with just that morning. Those people being merchant bankers and financiers. A profession popularly regarded for having, er, zero integrity.

Take cover! The Reverend’s fragile ego has crash landed in the dodgy international finance sector!


  1. fuck arms runner Obama

    Marvin Rees, ha ha ha.
    Like his dad, a bully that works for the state. Strives to dismantle what once was good, the people’s party.

    A party that had a lteader who would not send British troops on American expansionist wars, i.e. Vietnam.

    Marvin is not up for debating. He just has to do as he’s told by his handler Slocombe.

    If Reverend Ridiculous Rees was wise enough to listen and debate he wouldn’t of fucked up with Bristol Energy.

    Simply watching Rees it is possible to see how damaged, how insecure and how depressed he is.

    A fall guy with no original ideas just falling, for all to see. An unpleasant, pant obsessed bully boy that makes puppets on strings look like fun loving free spirits.

    And since you get paid for it – have you found school places for all the SEND children Marvin ? As is a statutory obligation of local authority.

    You were happy enough telling that bollocks Pat the BBC tart how you were taking your own children off to school. You Cunt Marvin.

    Selfish, self obsessed Marvin who’ s the same as his machete wielding dad. Nasty.

    1. reasons to be cheerful

      Typical middle manager bullying behaviour.

      A demonstration on why institutions like local authorities and NHS establishments are failing.

      People like Marvin are destroying the potential places like Bristol create.

      An awfully unoriginal jobs worth.

  2. shipbuilding

    If only those muzzles shut those fuckers up !

    You would of thought these city parasites would of researched how limited in effectiveness these so called ‘masks’ really are.

    Next they’re be telling us to indulge in the battery of our children simply because it’s become the latest fashion !


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