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We’ve had the documentary hagiography and a TV hagiography, now is it time for the book: ‘Marvin Rees: My Struggle’?

According to the Reverend Rees’s diary, yesterday he had a meeting with celeb author-for-hire, Tom Bromley. According to his website, Bromley is an “Internationally bestselling ghostwriter of fifteen titles, books and celebrity memoirs on subjects from sport to music, business to politics.”

Look out for this latest piece of self-promoting drivel from the Reverend coming your way in all good bookshops’ remainder bins soon …


  1. Hon Andrew F L Cocks

    Surely the mayor should be winding his office down now and trying to untangle his inexoerienced deceptive web. Why is he getting paid to see an Author in our time. Shame on you. Please can we have some of our money back?

    1. HMB

      His Rees-ness doesn’t see it like that. The Guardian ran an article about some of the City and Regional mayors (9th July). The whole section on MR shows that he wanted unconstrained power, but his final comment showed that he doesn’t get what Bristol has told him:
      “What I’m trying to do in my final two years is deliver on as many of the big programmes we’ve lined up as I can. Hopefully that momentum will sustain Bristol into the future for a period of time. We’ll see.”

  2. M Glyn

    So Mein Stadt is ready for publication in May. I hope it’s a short print run or Pan Macmillan might struggle to shift it anywhere but the pulping machines.


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