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New council boss displays worrying traits after just one month

Just a month into her role as Bristol’s new £160,000 per year ‘City Director’, Nicola ‘Quitter’ Yates OBE – who left Hull City Council in a hurry last year – has firmly instructed her Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to table a pared-to-the- bone ‘YEAR ZERO’ BUDGET.

Drawing inspiration from Cambodia’s genocidal maniac Pol Pot, Quitter and our Red Trousered friend Mayor Fergo – a comparative bargain at just under £67k – want to turn back the clock on what is acceptable in a modern city, and strip council-funded services to the barest minimum.

Since the Dear Leaders made their wishes known, the ever-obedient SLT has been busy identifying the statutory obligations the council has – and bollocks to the rest. If they proceed with this, facilities like day centres, museums, leisure

centres and many other key resources will lose all funding. The council will then only pay for what is required by statute – their BOG STANDARD LEGAL OBLIGATION.

Of course, you will not see a reduction in your council tax, only in the services you receive. You wait and see what happens after your granny falls down the stairs, and needs help after leaving hospital – sweet FA.

The question must arise sooner or later, just what are we paying for (apart from their salaries)? Well, an army of overpaid unelected consultants carving up our services, whilst telling us there is not enough money for our basic needs, before pissing off back to their suburban luxury, with full fucking healthcare and the like.

Time to bring forth the guillotine!