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Web ExclusiveThe pressure is really beginning to show on George, MAYOR LOONYPANTS isn’t it? He’s now decided that the council’s external auditors GRANT THORNTON, the sixth largest accountancy firm in the world, are running “politically motivated smears” against him.

This unlikely scenario seems to result from Grant Thornton’s recently published audit findings (see also The BRISTOLIAN #4.8), which said,

Review of the Mayor’s declarations of interest found a number of organisations with which the Council have had interaction which have not been included within the related parties transactions note.
Or, in other words, MAYOR UNDERPRESSUREPANTS hasn’t declared all his interests as he’s legally bound to do. A subsequent light grilling of BARMYTROUSERS on Twitter regarding this tricky matter elicited the following response:

Now, we appreciate that large accountancy firms aren’t the most thorough or honest of organisations but would they really make this stuff up and risk their reputation just to smear a ridiculous little posh man from Bristol? And if it weren’t true and it’s “Everything declared, nothing to hide. End of story!” why has such a claim been made by this reputable source and included and signed-off in the audited accounts for 2012-13 of Bristol City Council?

What’s true? A set of formal, official on-the-record public accounts or the Saturday morning Twitter ramblings of a posh twit with a problematic relationship to the truth?