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Bishopston twats continue their campaign to protect their little Jocastas and Edwards from the evils of er, J D WETHERSPOON.

The affordable pub chain has put in yet another application to open an outlet at 349-353 Gloucester Road. Which has – again – been met with howls of outrage by local residents and the ridiculous snobs at the BISHOPSTON SOCIETY who claim – on the basis of zero evidence – that it will lead to “anti social behaviour” and “compete with local small businesses”.

Imagine. Competition that sells a cup of coffee and food in a child-friendly environment at at least half the price of existing ‘independent’ Gloucester Road outlets. How anti-social can you get?

Wealthy twats ban ‘Spoons

Bishopston prats were in an advanced state of excitement back in the autumn after plans for a Wetherspoons pub, used by normal people who don’t ride Bromptons, drink coffee hand ground by cheery exotic native virgins or spend three quid on an artisan sourdough loaf every day, were withdrawn by the business.

The pub group’s plans for a cheap and cheerful boozer on the old Co-op supermarket site on Gloucester Road  were slammed by the ridiculous Nigels and Jocastas of the area as a “blight”  that’s part of a “current trend to ‘alcoholise’ the Gloucester Road” and “disrupt the gentle character of the area”!

Now the plans have reemerged. So standby for another round of plummy-voiced whining from a bunch of over-privileged enviro-looney consumers in Bishopston. But treat any press claims that ‘Spoons is a sign of the imminent demise of our civilisation with caution.

It’s no secret that Wetherspoons sell a decent cup of endlessly refillable coffee for as little as 85p a cup. This is in stark contrast to the majority of the glorious planet-saving independent ‘ethical’ businesses on the rest of this three mile stretch of shops that starts at Stokes Croft.

‘Ethical’ businesses, owned by Merchant Venturers and Mayor Red Scrounger among others. Including an assortment of wealthy local business people, many with freshly-minted shares in the new enthusiastically pro-‘ethical’ business media outlet, Bristol 24/7.

These ‘ethical’ businesses will currently charge you around £2.50 for a cup of the black bitter stuff with some frothy milk.

So who really benefits from keeping Wetherspoons, a cheap, convenient family-friendly business, out? The local community or a load of profiteering local businessmen?



Barry Cash would like to be the councillor for Bishopston in the elections this week. But there’s a problem …

Barry, a serial letter writer to the Nazi Post and the motorists’ friend (“I have called on the Council to remove peak parking restrictions”; “allow more parking”… etc), is proudly shown “listening to local residents views” on the front of his latest election leaflet.

However, there’s one small problem. The resident on the leaflet suffers from dementia and wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what was going on! Needless to say friends and relations are said to be less than happy with this shameless exploitation of a vulnerable person.

Barry’s big political pitch and “ambition for Bishopston” is to “keep it as nice as it is”, which is er … nice!

PS It’s Dementia Awareness Week – find out more on the website of the Alzheimer’s Society, which helps educate, inform and support those affected by dementia.