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Con “Man”

Step forward Cabot Learning Federation director, Con “MAN” Alexander, who also happens to be a partner in one of Bristol’s many second rate provincial law firms, REALE WASSOCK WANKARDS (surely Veale Wasborough Vizards? Ed.) This former advisor to the WEALTHY on TAX EVASION has now set himself up as a self-styled expert on charity law for the firm we understand.

Although we’d suggest that if you’re seeking quality advice on charity law, you might want to take your business elsewhere. Because a brief glance at the Cabot Learning Federation accounts for the last couple of years reveals that Man’s legal firm has TROUSERED a whopping £214,000 in fees courtesy of the very organisation Man is supposed to be objectively overseeing for us.

And just to be clear, these WHOPPING FEES being handed to Man’s legal firm, come directly from TAXPAYERS’ MONEY meant to be spent on our children’s education.

Of course, these types of huge payments to one of the Federation’s director’s own firms are clearly PRECLUDED by the Articles of Association of Cabot Learning Federation. Article 88 makes it perfectly clear that Man, as a director of this charity, which manages huge sums of public money on our behalf, should not have any financial interest in any contract the charity awards.

It’s also one of the most simple and BASIC RULES of charity governance that directors should not have a personal financial interest in any contract awarded by the charity they govern.

And this certainly includes any contract between Cabot Learning Federation and Man’s own bloody legal firm. Man, as a partner in the firm, would, undoubtedly, DIRECTLY FINANCIALLY BENEFIT from the lucrative work they’ve undertaken for the Federation.  We’re talking about large SIX-FIGURE PUBLIC CONTRACTS here too. Not a few extra quid for some largely pro bono work done as a favour.

Here at The Bristolian we’re now on standby waiting for a fatuous THREATENING LETTER from REALE WASSOCK WANKARDS that will no doubt be charged – maybe at up to £100 an hour? – to the public purse that Man controls.

This aimless legal drivel will, no doubt, result in, at least, a few more hundred quid of public money being shovelled into the grasping hands of Man and his firm and out of our kids’ education budget.

Anyway, nice to know we’re paying to keep posh blokes in pinstripe suits in their upmarket homes isn’t it?  – KERCHING!




This spiv is running our schools

Meet Peter “HIGH” Price. He’s a director of the Cabot Learning Federation, which runs a load of schools in Bristol including Bristol Brunel Academy, John Cabot Academy, Hanham Woods Academy, Kings Oak Academy and Bristol Metropolitan Academy.

Price is also a systematic CHILD ABUSER. He happily oversees a cruel disciplinary regime at his schools called “ISOLATION“. Basically Price permits his senior bosses to detain children in an empty room on their own with nothing to do all day for minor breaches of his silly school rules.

We believe this revolting practice of imprisoning children against their will is an abuse of these children’s HUMAN RIGHTS and should be classed as child abuse. We also believe the perpetrators of such crimes should be being INVESTIGATED by the authorities. Does any parent out there believe they would not be subject to investigation if they forcibly shut their child away on their own in a room all day with nothing to do?

However, we doubt criminality really bothers “Right” Price that much. Because, in his day job, Price is a senior executive in ROLLS ROYCE‘s “Defence Aerospace business sector”. This means he basically designs and builds weapons that blow – mainly Middle Eastern – kids up for big, BIG BUCKS!

In comparison to being murdered from 30,000 feet by one of Price’s state-of-the-art WAR PLANES, being put in “isolation” for the day is not much of a big deal is it? A rather small crime against humanity that can be overlooked in Price’s alternative moral universe perhaps?

Peter’s shitty little company, Rolls Royce, meanwhile, are fighting off accusations of “multi-billion dollar BRIBERY and KICK-BACK schemes” in just the US, Indonesia, China, Brazil and India at present!

So is this character, a senior boss in an extraordinarily DODGY INDUSTRY steeped in murder, bribery, corruption and the dark arts, really morally fit to run our schools? And is this ARMS PROFITEER really capable of sound judgement? Especially when you consider he’s dedicated his whole life to designing machines able to kill substantial numbers of children more efficiently.

The Bristolian says Price out now! We want school bosses who deal in humanity not death.



Brunel Academy

Cabot Learning Federation, which includes Bristol Brunel Academy, John Cabot Academy and Bristol Metropolitan Academy is at the centre of a ROW with parents. This is due to their new disciplinary policy, which is OPPRESSIVE to say the least

The new policy means children are being sent to ‘ISOLATION’ for speaking, chewing gum or not having the proper uniform. Even having your shirt untucked can lead to conflict with the wardens, er, I mean teachers! Stories emerging from parents suggest that having the WRONG COLOUR SOCKS can lead to a pupil missing a day’s schooling and being dumped in conditions that might meet a UN definition of torture!

Isolation basically means that the child is excluded from all lessons and is put into a bare room on their own with NOTHING TO DO. They are not allowed to speak to anyone and there is no education for the child that day.

While the schools’ web site bangs on about how absences from school means a child misses out and could fall behind, these schools are more than happy to let a child “miss out” for chewing some gum. Parents can get large fines and even prison for taking their child on holiday during term, yet headteachers get MASSIVE SALARY REWARDS for forcing a young pupil to miss a whole day of school for talking to a friend.

Parents say this DRACONIAN PROCEDURE is crushing children’s spirits and making them hate school. Many pupils are trying to get out of going to school. One pupil said that “they’re more concerned about my uniform than teaching me”.

Parents have spoken about their children being excited or enthusiastic about lessons then being put into ‘isolation’ because they vocalised their happiness. Some teachers are also unhappy with a regime that makes them ‘isolate’ more and more pupils for SOPPY INFRINGEMENTS.

Meanwhile school bosses continue to advocate this ZERO TOLERANCE rule for any pupil behaviour they deem a distraction. One parent who challenged this system was told in no uncertain terms that the school would EXCLUDE their daughter if she talked in class.

This was always going to be an issue with academies. They can bring in their own disciplinary policies and rather than support children with any behavioural issues they can just EXCLUDE them … After trousering the funding of course!

Teachers who used to manage classrooms and the children within are now instructed to get rid of any minor problem and SERVE A MESSAGE TO OTHERS. Then we’re left with desperately unhappy children whose spirits are crushed and who feel bullied.

Perhaps this gets them ready for the boredom of work in a warehouse or call centre after they leave Bristol Brunel Penitentiary? One disgruntled parent told the Bristolian that their happy child, who used to love primary school now hates school.

“They would do anything to get out of going,” she told us.