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White supremacist

The council’s new racist Kulture Kommandant Genevieve “Klu Klux” Adkins has wasted no time foisting her white supremacist vision on the city.

You may recall our fragrant new council Head of Culture and Creative Industries told bemused staff back in August, “Black people don’t make or spend money. Why don’t you programme things for white people?”

So no surprises at the recent announcement that the Georgian House Museum on Great George Street is to close until next April. Many doubt, given the scale of cuts Adkins wants to make, that the museum will ever open again. A significant blow to the city.

The Georgian House, a reproduction of sugar plantation and slave owner’s home from around 1790, is the nearest thing we currently have in Bristol to a museum marking the city’s role in the slave trade.

What next from Adkins? Hopefully not much as she has been on leave for “personal reasons” since the Bristolian publicised her public racist outbursts.