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In a bizarre religious outburst at New Year, the Reverend Rees – who refuses to challenge Tory austerity and continues to cut essential public services at every opportunity – has told the city it should “GLORY IN SUFFERING”.

The Reverend’s New Year message, sent to Bristol City Council staff on 3 January, found him rambling on about “Bristol as a City of Hope”. “An aspiration I find compelling,” he told bemused staff before quoting something “I came across as a young man” from the BIBLE at them.

“We also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope,” he explained. So that’s all right then. The Reverend Rees, with the assistance of his bible, has decided suffering is GOOD for us plebs.

So do be sure to CELEBRATE alongside the Reverend when his crappy austerity policies create further suffering this year won’t you? Although please be aware that the Reverend – with his two homes, a £65k salary and lots of foreign trips funded by us to look forward to – will NOT personally experience much of this suffering he’s so keen on.

Isn’t it time the local Labour Party stepped in and sorted this reactionary religious maniac out once and for all? It’s a basic Labour value that we COLLECTIVELY challenge and relieve suffering, not celebrate it for its supposed character building benefits to the INDIVIDUAL?

Come on Labour, deselect the deranged Thatcherite twat and give us a proper Labour mayor.