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Daddy? Why has Mrs Tumble got a Howard Jones haircut?

Much hilarity across the city as @Bristol launches a high profile rebrand under the cheerfully INANE GUIDANCE of its “Creative Director” Anna “Mrs Tumble” Starkey, formerly a big player at Cbeebies. 

Launching her finely crafted nonsense across the internet and airwaves with the assistance of a vacuous local PR firm, Mrs Tumble explained to a dumbfounded audience that our local science centre will now be known as “WE THE CURIOUS” and, apparently, will “be a leading player in the global drive to champion the value of curiosity for everyone”.

“We The Curious marks a new direction and intention to create a culture of curiosity,” rambled the Creative Director in a desperate effort to sound “creative” that left the general public and most of the city’s journalists scratching their heads, utterly BAMBOOZLED at what Mrs Tumble was intending to actually put in their museum.

A day later the project managed to descend further into FARCE when one curious member of the public wrote to Mrs Tumble asking how much her weird and highly personal rebrand was costing?

“As a charity, we have a duty to make sure our mission is as strong as possible and we felt in order to have a relevant and meaningful position it was worth putting some money towards. All of our costs are audited by our board of trustees and the audit committee, so we’ve been sure to make every penny count,” came the VAGUE and UNINFORMATIVE reply from a minion.

Is curiosity towards elitists and how much public money they’re spending the wrong kind of curiosity in this “global drive to champion the value of curiosity for everyone”? Indeed, Are We The Curious continuing that fine old-fashioned elitist tradition of entirely IGNORING the public while claiming to do the exact opposite?

Get your tickets now – We The Curious: leading players in vague answers to direct questions in the name of science.