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A thick American in Bristol

Before the Reverend’s empty-headed State of City effort got underway, the event was interrupted by protestors against forced animal swim tests at the University.

Up front at the time was tedious know-all and obscure historian of the Renaissance, Evelyn “Rockerfeller” Welch, the university’s vice-chancellor, imported from the US to sell us their right wing bollocks.

“It’s not enough to have a banner. You need to make interventions that make lives better,” shrieked the snooty old fool at protestors as they were roughly ejected by her hired thugs.

Er, maybe this alleged expert historian should check out some local history before publicly sounding off? In 1989, when animal rights protestors decided on an intervention beyond waving banners, they tried to blow up the university’s Senate House!

Is Evelyn promoting terrorism?


Gissa job

October: and another hectoring ‘State of the City’ lecture delivered from the University of Bristol’s snooty Wills Memorial Building shithouse by the Reverend Rees as he finally nears that door marked ‘for god’s sake go’.

Nothing much new worth reporting really. Relentless boasting; tedious homilies on ‘leadership’; ill-disguised paranoid and embittered ranting at the latest set of perceived enemies; the ego-inflated right wing economic ramblings we’ve suffered for over seven years now; narcissistic claims about his ‘global leadership’ role and a lecture to the rest of the city’s politicians about his ‘corporate concrete will cure climate change’ approach.

He will not be missed by many.