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AS the 2014 World Cup gets underway in Brazil, the nearest to the authentic ‘Festival de Futebol’ vibe most people in Bristol get is hoping the rain, hail and thunderstorms hold off for long enough to sip a cold beer while they watch a match or two on telly.

But that’s not good enough for two enterprising directors at Bristol City Council, who have managed to wangle themselves a trip to a certain South American country on a ‘FACT FINDING MISSION’ – complete with £900 SPENDING MONEY courtesy of your good selves!

What ‘facts’ the as-yet unnamed piss-takers – who rake in average salaries of around £85,000 – expect to ‘find’ on their ‘mission’ to Brazil, entirely coincidentally at the same time as the World Cup, is not yet clear.

But rest assured, The BRISTOLIAN will make it our business to enquire with them on your behalf…