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Bristol City Council’s gatekeeping policy on trial

Earlier this month, The BRISTOLIAN revealed that Bristol City Council was reintroducing the ILLEGAL practice of “gate keeping”, one that it had already been reprimanded for in July 2013 by the LOCAL GOVERNMENT OMBUDSMAN. The hush-hush policy aims to exclude certain categories of recently-made homeless from the assistance which a council is under a legal obligation to provide – all, of course, to allegedly “save money”.

We can reveal that BCC’s Housing Department Manager GILLIAN “Irma Grese” DOUGLAS and her boss, NICK “Pooper” HOOPER are the six-digit salary (and former “Dirty Thirty”) criminals responsible. In early September Pooper directed unterscharführer Irma to do his dirty work for him, which she promptly did. Telling the entire BCC Housing Department – by word of mouth ONLY so there was NO WRITTEN EVIDENCE – that from now on they were to EXCLUDE young Bristolians recently made homeless.

For example, if an applicant was a teenage single mother kicked out of her home, then she would have to go back to her parents and get a 28 DAY NOTICE TO QUIT and would not be helped until she had brought that “evidence” back IN WRITING.

The BRISTOLIAN can also reveal that word of this unauthorised scheme – drawn up by TWO OF HIS SUBORDINATES – landed on the desk of BCC’s Housing Czar, PAUL “Wolfie” SMITH, thanks to two concerned housing activists. In addition, it was revealed that not only were teenagers being excluded but also adults.

Wolfie responded that he was “very concerned” and would “investigate”. In addition he added that this would “at last” provide him with the evidence he needed to DRIVE OUT Pooper and SS unterscharführer Irma from BCC.

Well Wolfie, September is now finished and we’re still waiting for ANY ACTION AT ALL. Rumours are circulating that the latest BCC “gate keeping” policy introduced by two sociopathic apparatchiks on their own initiative is not only continuing, but has also been EXPANDED.

 Wolfie had better get cracking, as The BRISTOLIAN is amassing compelling evidence of this and MANY OTHER UNCONSCIONABLE FAILURES by the Director of Housing that it will reveal in due course and, of course, PASS ON TO THE OMBUDSMAN.


AntifaSprayerOn Saturday 24 October bemused Bristolians looked on in bewilderment as pitched battles were fought in the centre of Bristol. Anti-Fascists and their comrades were confronting British United Patriots, who were marching against youth homelessness, apparently.

Different gangs trotted about the city centre, trying to get their hands on the other side, while the Old Bill plodded about in close attendance. While we at the Bristolian have no time for fascist or right wing philosophy, we are also aware that there’s some similarities in the backgrounds of the belligerents.

Both sides are clear that the system does not work for the working class. Poverty is rampant and growing in these times of austerity. The welfare state is being dismantled and the rich are getting richer. In the meantime, the government, the bosses and the ruling class are telling us it’s all the fault of pesky immigrants, the sick and, of course, benefit scroungers.

This is where the two sides diverge. The right wing buy this and believe it. They can see the refugees and new arrivals to this country and blame them. Meanwhile the rich in their Bentleys and private jets don’t come anywhere near Knowle, Southmead or Kingswood. Neither exist to each other.

Take Sir Phillip Green who owns Topshop and British Home Stores among others. He also sits on the treasury select committee on tax evasion. You couldn’t make it up. He’s one of the biggest tax avoiders going. He’s said to have put £1.2 billion through his missus’s bank account. How many fucking giros does that add up to?

Most of these “proud to be British, buy British” multi-millionaires are up to a bit of tax avoidance while we scrabble about, white, black, British or foreign born, for dwindling resources, and jobs.

OK, we might do a bit of cash in hand work or buy some cheap baccy but this shrinks into insignificance in relation to what they have away. They can employ armies of accountants to help them squirrel away their cash. If you get caught it will be benefit sanctions, bailiffs and prison. But you all know this.

In the meantime, two sides of the white working class beat the crap out of each other on a Saturday afternoon. The Old Bill nick them while the ruling classes laugh their fucking heads off. Then court and heavy fine and the Old Bill can buy some more nice tasers to ensure that the system continues.

Shape up boys, who is the real enemy???