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Zoe Sear - really shit at blackmail

Zoe Sear – really shit at blackmail

The pressure of trying to hold together Bristol City Council’s creaking domestic violence policies whilst also backing oafish housing managers Nick Hooper and Paul Sylvester – who “take domestic violence seriously” by ignoring urgent correspondence on the subject in favour of putting their feet up for the weekend – seems to be taking its toll on the Mayor’s troubleshooting sidekick ZOE SEAR.

Yesterday when Sear spoke to ‘Ms X’ on the telephone, she decided that the domestic abuse-surviving working class young mum wasn’t playing ball by doing what she was told by her ‘superiors’. In frustration the former PR hackette HISSED DARKLY, “your name could be slipped to the mainstream press!”

Really, Zoe? And how might that happen? And what mainstream publication would possibly print the name of a vulnerable domestic violence victim?

Here in Bristol the only outlet possibly vile enough to do such a thing might be the Evening Bristol Post, and the only hack sleazy enough to be prepared to write such a piece would be Shitty Hall scribbler Ian ‘Copy Typist’ Onions.

Mind you, even as a special favour for his BFF Mayor Gorgeous the Post‘s editor, Führer Mike Norton would surely baulk at such a distasteful course of action…


  1. harry

    Threatening to name people in the Post is a popular council activity.

    Can show you emailed threats from Councillor Cook to name people in the Post as a method of shutting them up.

  2. r bloackmore

    you just know when the shity floats up when yopu here quotes from crap like zoe sear, maYBE SHEE NEED TO REMEMBER, SHE TOO COULD BE A CANDIDATE FOR VIOLENCE.

    1. Jooohn Ag

      Not sure it’s helpful to make suggestions like that, though clearly this whole scandal is provoking very strong feelings.

      The right thing for the council to do would be to rehouse Ms X – and the others in situations similar to hers – IMMEDIATELY and APPROPRIATELY.

      Then the council and its senior managers and its political masters need to reflect deeply on how this could have been allowed to happen in the first place, and work to prevent it from ever happening again.

      What Zoe Sear did was clearly wrong and distasteful, but she was doing the bidding of her boss George Ferguson, and trying to clear up the mess made by Hooper and Sylvester.

  3. smithy

    ‘The right thing for the council to do would be to rehouse Ms X – and the others in situations similar to hers – IMMEDIATELY and APPROPRIATELY’ Yes that is it exactly. As a former homelessness officer I worked to the principle that all allegations of domestic violence were valid and actionable. Probably why they made me redundant.


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