‘Meat Zeppelin’, Councillor Gary Hopkins, watercolours, 2013, @guriben

‘Meat Zeppelin’, Councillor Gary Hopkins, watercolours, 2013, @guriben

BRISTOL City Council boss, Senior Environmental Health Officer, MARK ‘BUNGLE’ CURTIS displays an interesting approach to his enforcement work.

Up in leafy Knowle he’s been showing zero tolerance to noise pollution, slapping a noise abatement notice on the so-called TOWN HOUSE, a business hiring out a large house for family gatherings. They also run the GOTHIC MANSION on Redcatch Road, which has recently been refused retrospective planning permission because of just one verified complaint and lots and lots of hearsay evidence.

Indeed, so enthusiastic is Bungle to prevent pollution in the leafy south Bristol suburb many neighbours of the Town House and the Gothic Mansion claim to have never heard any noise from either place at all!

However this hasn’t stopped the local councillor, GARY ‘FUCKBUCKET’ HOPKINS, who resides a long way from either house on the other side of Redcatch Park, from running a one man campaign against the business via his regular excruciating assault on the English language, the Lib Dem Focus leaflet for Knowle.

The few local supporters FUCKBUCKET has managed to recruit to his campaign also display similar signs of mental disorder towards both the Town House and the Gothic Mansion. One neighbour, when visited by the owners of the nearby mansion to discuss any problems, opened his door and announced, “I have dealings with LANDVEST,” and promptly shut the door again.

Why would anyone care if this neighbour has dealings with Landvest? A PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY registered in the Isle of Man, presumably for tax reasons, who recently built a load of executive homes on land next to the Gothic Mansion on the site of the old St Peters cancer hospice.

It’s also reputed that Landvest got the land despite bidding £150k less for it than a local consortium headed by that old friend of The BRISTOLIAN, Bristol Labour leader HRH Helen of Holland.

So far, so murky. But now we hear that pollution control man BUNGLE, having issued the paperwork to get the Town House in court and fine them in the region of £140k for noise is now backing out and getting the council’s legal team to settle out-of-court.

Why would that be? Does Bungle not want these local witnesses with “dealings with Landvest” and his ‘evidence’ – all of which is based on his ‘trained ear’ rather than from certified audio reports from the calibrated equipment he has access to – cross-examined in court?

This is a strange – and expensive – turn of events when you consider the council will happily settle the case if the defendants agree to cover their own legal costs. Thus dumping us, the council taxpayer, with a large bill for the legal costs BUNGLE and FUCKBUCKET have run up over their weird Knowle NOISE OBSESSION.

Meanwhile, over in the working class suburb of AVONMOUTH, we find Bungle taking a very different approach to enforcement when there’s no obsessive Lib Dem councillor with an agenda; no shady property firm in the background; lots of certified audio reports from calibrated equipment and a set of very credible witnesses able to back up their claims and itching for action.

The SIMS METAL plant at Avonmouth docks has been, since at least 2010, the subject of literally hundreds of RECORDED COMPLAINTS for noise and dust pollution. While whistleblowers have come forward and stated that noise and dust suppression equipment has not been used at the plant for years, apparently with the full knowledge of the plant’s regulators Bristol City Council and the Environment Agency.

However, the council boss responsible, BUNGLE, has done NOTHING whatsoever about the plant. It seems, in this case, Bungle popping down for a friendly chat over a cuppa and a slice of cake every now and then with the wealthy businessmen in charge is all that’s needed.

This informal, light-touch approach seems to be backed by BUNGLE’s employers, Avonmouth Tory councillors WAYNE “DEE” HARVEY and MATTHEW “DUM” MELIAS who are happy to tell any complainants crap such as, “it’s none of your business you’ve only lived here four years” and our favourite response to this major public health threat – “you just have to put up with it”.

It’s enough to make you wonder what drives and influences Bungle’s regulatory decisions isn’t it? It’s not witnesses or evidence that’s for sure.

22 thoughts on “KNOWLE NOISE ANNOYS?

  1. John Adams

    So Gary Hopkins is involved again. Is there no limit to this creature from the darkside. The lib dems biggest liability.

    1. knowleseous

      How much longer can he carry on behaving like this ? standards ? Accountability ?Fairness ? This sounds awfully like an abuse of power , it’s bristol’s least well kept secret that Hopkins exercises a weird , disproportionate influence of power , what has he got on people ?

    2. Peter ellis

      I am amazed that the council can continue to talk about being fair and treat everyone the same. So how is it a trained ear is used on a neighbour dispute where hard evidence is needed from recording equipment and in Avonmouth they use hard evidence to do nothing. So once again Gary Hopkins is pushing the council to make mistakes.

  2. Stephen Norman

    The dark knight who has cost this city thousands of £s over the years. A man who is never more than a play ground bully a total liabilty to his party think he has bitten off more than he can chew this time he has got scandel written all over him

  3. Peter ellis

    Gary Hopkins is probably the most untrustworthy politician in Bristol. The more you look into this person the more you realise he is involved in many dubious things. It’s about time he was brought to justice. I hear he is subject to another enquiry into his conduct as a councillor.

  4. Eustace Bagge

    Tried to get the noise pollution team to sort out the neighbours who played loud music most of the nights. They did not bother to attend to witness, haven’t done a thing for over two years of my reporting – could it be because they were tied up in Knowle and I live in Hartcliffe?

  5. Peter ellis

    So the truth is out. The council have been using recording equipment at the property in totterdown and no noise disturbance has been recorded. It is a shame that they denied this in court. I think that is called contempt of court. Or lying under oath. So who in legal services is going to prison then or as it’s the council it’s alright to lie

  6. Knowle Resident

    Come on people, let’s have a reality check here….

    The Gothic Mansion is situated in the middle of a residential area which is, indeed, leafy and relatively peaceful. Family hotel my bottom. The property has been used for the past couple of years as an illegal, unlicensed stag party venue. The result? Excessive noise, riotous behavior, dangerous parking and an increase in local crime. I personally caught two drunken revelers from the Gothic Mansion trying to break into the Church opposite… nice.

    When I approached the alleged owner of the Gothic Mansion to discuss the noise level (I have to work) I was told to **** off as there was nothing I could do about it as they had a powerful business partner. When I asked who they replied: “George Ferguson of course”.

    Now, do some research. Where did George hold his (strangely pre-booked) “victory” celebration after the farcical mayoral elections? Yes, you’ve got it… Te Gothic Mansion.

    As for Gary Hopkins? He is a Councillor that works hard for his area. Security gates, traffic calming, Redcatch Park and now exposing George’s increasing web of “business interests”. Is it any wonder that the people of Knowle keep voting for him?

    By all means uncover corruption and lies. Just make sure you get the whole picture… and the right person.

    1. Peter ellis

      This local resident seems to be deluded. No noise has ever been witnessed by the council or the police. however false statements have been made by some local residents. George Ferguson had his victory speech at the tobacco factory. I know as I was there. The gothic mansion held a fund raiser for st Peters hospice the following month where the mayor attended for about an hour. I know as I was there. Gary Hopkins may have taken the credit for some things in Knowle but he is no saint and has and continues to upset a lot of people and is under investigation for his conduct as a councillor once again with an independent enquiry. With regard to being told by the owners to go away that is once again untrue and I would suggest you listen to what most people are saying.

    2. Andrew forsey

      As one of the management of the gothic mansion I would like to thank the local community that have rallied round in support against the liabolus comments from supporters of councillor gary hopkins and the disgraced councillor himself who once again is under investigation for his unprofessional behaviour. We continue to have stay at the mansion family groups from all over the UK and the world for 50th birthday parties and in fact 3 80th birthday parties in last 2 months. We do have stag and hen groups stay and in most cases the guests are over 50 and have children and grand children of their own. We have never had any complaints that have been witnessed by either the police or the council. We have however suffered from false statements made by some neighbours who have been encouraged to lie by a disgraceful councillor with his own hidden agenda to force the mansion to be sold and converted into flats.
      The ridiculous and liabolus comments about myself or colleague telling the neighbour is totally untrue and to say that he stopped people from the mansion breaking into the church nearby is hurtful and also untrue.
      This same neighbour has been seen harrassing my fellow lady owner and spying on her. This sort of behaviour is creepy to say the least and deeply upsetting to a woman of any age. The matter is to be referred to the police.
      So to summarise. Thanks to all the support against the bullying and harassment and we will focus on the mansion a place for people to enjoy life.

    3. LOL

      We have been living next to the mansion for a year now and we have never heard any noise coming from the mansion. I suggest to you, KNOWLE RESIDENT, that you quit lying about the owners of the mansion, they do a very good job, of what I have heard, was a virtually derelict building, when they bought it. Your comments are very nasty. They are very nice people and do not deserve your antagonism.

    4. Mark Davies

      Mr Ferguson (AKA Knowle Resident who posts above under “reality check”) and who is a BCC employee (marine supervisor at the harbour) obviously hasn’t been reading his Disciplinary Procedure and BCC Code of Conduct recently or at least not very carefully. It states quite clearly under the heading:

      Communications with the media

      All media liaison relating to City Council activities
      is handled through the Corporate
      Communications Office (tel. 922 2650).
      Employees should not initiate or respond to
      media contact but refer such matters to the
      Corporate Communications Office. An employee
      writing material for publication which does not
      refer specifically to the Council, but which does
      refer to his/her occupation (eg an article in a
      professional journal), should notify his/her Chief
      Officer before it appears in print (excepting
      academic staff)

      See the full policy here:

      I think it can reasonably be construed that George Ferguson – in effect the Chief Executive of BCC is part of BCC. So by referring to him and his activities, and making libellous statements about him, Mr Mike Ferguson who it just so happens is a BCC employee at Bristol Docks, has broken the above quoted code. We will be pushing hard for an investigation into this breach of BCC policy, and for disciplinary action to be taken. Watch this space! It will be interesting to see just how far Mike Ferguson’s links to the now infamous Gary Hopkins actually go.

      PS, if you listen to this “interview” with Mike Ferguson, you’ll note that he was promoted from “casual” to “Marine Supervisor” – one wonders whether he might find himself be demoted back to “casual” after BCC’s disciplinary procedure has been rolled into action. It would be just desserts I feel.

  7. Stephen Norman

    Knowle Resident

    Can this be Gary Hopkins doing a self promotion or team Hopkins trying to continue their facade of malicious allegations or could it even be Land Vest? Giving out brown envelopes to stir residents in the hope of forcing this business to the wall in the hope they can obtain the land and sell it on to a property developer at a big profit.

    So let’s look at the facts that are clearly documented George Fergusson held his victory celebration at the Tobacco Factory filmed and documented by TV. Fact the police logs on the Gothic Mansion do not substantiate what the Knowle resident claims, no mention of people trying to break in to a church yet surely knowle resident would have called the police after he had caught these so called revelers all will be reveled on this at a later date.

    The Bristolian is the champion of exposing corruption and wrong doing it does not support or prop up lying FUCKERS such as Knowle resident. I wonder if Knowle resident will attempt the lying under oath in a court room where clearly this case appears to be heading. I as a supporter of the Bristolian I do so hope so, at least then this fucking idiot can be charged with Perverting The Course Of Justice and join the likes of Jeffery Archer, Jonathan Aitken to name but two, let’s hope we may even see Gary Hopkins added to this elitist list along with other corrupt Council Officers

    If I was the owner of this property I think I would turn it in to low cost social housing or maybe even a half way house for drug addicts and people leaving prison think that would piss on Knowle residents’ bonfire

  8. Nutter's Knowle

    yet more hearsay from so called ‘ knowle resident ‘ , the lib dem gothic mansion madness campaign seems to have bid a total farewell to reality , empiricial truth etc you know the tricksy evidence and facts that normal people tend to rely on when checking their reality.

    In response to an article criticising the lin dem dependence on ‘ hearsay ‘ rather than fact in matters relating to the hopkins monomania versus the mansion someone responds with yet more quintessential lib dem smoke and bull.

    We are all aware by now of the ‘ narrative ‘ the lib dems are trying to float with their barmy knowle obsession. the total absence of fact and reliance on ‘ increasingly hysterical and always anonymous hearsay are quite telling ….

  9. Andrew forsey

    Just to reiterate. We do not have stag and hen groups stay at the mansion we only accept family groups. We are very strict on our criteria and monitor all guests during their stay whether they are 30 or 80 years old. We don’t have any parking problems and we have thousands of guests who loved their relaxing time at the mansion.
    We continue to work with local communities and charities and will be holding a Christmas party for underprivileged children next month with the support of the people of Avonmouth and Knowle.

  10. Thehorrorthehorror

    HThis is what we’re trying to post :

    I do actually live in South bristol. The liberal democrat clarion call for a reality check relating to matters Gothic in this area is one I feel obliged to heed.

    Look at the police’s published crime maps for the unspun truth about the area.

    As a relatively disinterested ( ie not frothing , blustering lib dem ) observer the mad ion causes ZERO local music since. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. It does however provide much needed jobs wishing a deprived community. Just the facts.

    Independent businesses in this area are being victimised by the council. Perhaps the lib dems would be happier to see yet another listed building become a tesco or more anonymous ‘hearsay’ and subjective , unsourced commentary.

    Essentially the lib dens seem to be trying their utmost to destroy jobs and amenities in an area not blessed with either with inexplicable motive…

    Quiet residential area my shiny metal butt.

  11. Stephen Norman

    Seems to me team Hopkins have disapeared, maybe they have all popped of to the Villa in Spain can they be seeking exile I wonder

  12. Mark Davies

    Hmmm – Mr Knowle Resident – if you look carefully at the original story, you will see that this item is in fact about 20 Knowle Road and NOT 100 Redcatch Road. It’s very strange that you should seek to besmirch the reputation of the owners of the Gothic Mansion here, and talk as though the article and comments were about that property. No one has even mentioned the Gothic Mansion until you did. Something very fishy there. But you appear to have Gary’s private parts so far up your fundament that whatever he wants you to say, you say it – just like a ventriloquist’s dummy – the emphasis on dummy there by the way.

    Sarcasm and wit aside, your assertions are frankly baloney, as may end up being proven in a court near you, quite soon – you may in fact find yourself having to justify your rather obvious lies in front of a judge – who may not be quite so amused by them as you obviously are. There are to be clear some serious libels in your post, as there is nothing illegal going on at the Gothic Mansion, and your utterances about George Ferguson – whilst he may have a negative side like most people in politics – are demonstrably untrue. It is also interesting to note that there is no mention – in the very short police log of the last few years on 100 Redcatch Road – about any attempted break in at the convent across the road from where you live – there’s a hint there! Don’t think we don’t know exactly who you are (and where you live) – and you may find yourself having to justify what you have written. The fact that this is an “anonymous” forum, doesn’t mean you can’t be tracked down (if you know what you are doing) and called to book for the lies and bullshit that you have written about decent law-abiding citizens of Redcatch Road!

  13. Stephen Norman

    Knowle Resident of course team Hopkins might exile you in his Villa in Spain or get his friends at Landvest to wisk you off to the Isle Of Man I am sure the Dark Knight of Knowle might put some money in the brown envelope for you

  14. Peter ellis

    So the Knowle resident is a liar and has been spreading false information. It appears he works for the council as well. That is a surprise. What I don’t understand is how he managed to apprehend these people from breaking into the church opposite his house which is hundreds of yards away from the mansion all without the police being told. I can tell you why because he is a liar. Let’s hope he gets a injunction and restraining order placed on him and is suspended as a marine supervisor at the council. Then gary hopkins will find another mug to peddle his lies.


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