hooperA thick smog of hopelessness, crisis and meltdown drifts aimlessly through the air at Bristol City Council these days. We now discover that useless posh twit housing boss Nick “DROOPER” Hooper is threatening local residents in Bristol with LEGAL ACTION for, er … Delivering a letter to their councillor!

The posh underperforming middle management buffon sent a legally vacuous letter to two Avonmouth residents this week THREATENING them with legal action – despite being neither a copper nor a lawyer –  for “causing harassment, alarm or distress to others” after they visited Avonmouth Community Centre and HAND DELIVERED a letter to their local councillor, Wayne “DEE” Harvey.

Drooper also requested that they “refrain from such conduct in the future” and “where issues persist we may have to take ACTION against those responsible”! Ooh er missus! Don’t go delivering letters to councillors on Drooper’s watch! Or he’ll use those DRACONIAN powers that only exist inside his deluded mind to punish you!

One resident has described this ‘incident’ to us in all its criminal glory:

“I entered the Avonmouth Community Centre with Steven Norman to present Cllr Harvey with a set of written questions as he had refused to answer our enquiries. I asked where Cllr Harvey was and was directed to the back room.

“The door was open and I walked in and apologised to the person sat with Cllr Harvey and asked if I could just drop the letter off and not take up any further time. This I did and asked Cllr Harvey to respond in writing at a later date. I then left the building to attend a remembrance ceremony for the victims of the Bhopal chemical crime.”

What a crime! Call the cops! A letter’s been delivered!

You really have to ask what pea-brained dick head Drooper’s playing at here. This OVER-PROMOTED posh wanker, no doubt with an expensively purchased MA in vacuous bollocks, is currently overseeing the worst HOUSING CRISIS in living memory in the city and doing fuck all about it apart from picking up a fat salary every month.

Surely this lazy-arsed failing boss has more important things to do than write dumbass letters full of pseudo-legal DRIVEL and EMPTY THREATS to local residents? Why doesn’t he, er, do his actual job? Sorting out the social housing crisis in the city or maybe even the homelessness crisis in the city or finding somewhere for the city’s army of battered women to live?

Coincidentally, Drooper’s absurdist legal assault on resident correspondents to councillors came the day before it was revealed that the Environment Agency’s brief dust monitoring programme at Avonmouth Port will be pulled IMMEDIATELY with the full backing of Bristol City Council’s officers. No doubt these two events are entirely unrelated?

There may be trouble ahead …


  1. Bristolowl

    “Bristol City Council exists for the benefit of all the people of Bristol, and is accountable to them. The people of Bristol are entitled to expect conduct of the highest standard from Bristol City Council employees.”

    Bristol City Council Code of Conduct for Employees.


    and here’s the Members’ Code of Conduct.


    1. disgraceful

      Why can a council officer threaten a member of the public with an ASBO for simply dropping off a paper with questions on it when a councillor like Gary Hopkins can lie cheat and threateni members of the public and be unpunished? Oh I forgot he is a councillor and council officers have to do what he says
      Level playing field. Total bollocks. What about the new regime introduced by uncle George where council employees and members of the public are all citizens and we all are equal. Shame he hasn’t told the staff.

  2. Stephen Norman

    Being one of the offended parties in this I shall be making a formal complaint. I am in total dispair and grief to the point I accepted Mr Hooper invitation to ring him and asked him what all this crap, shit and the letter being nothing more than Toilet tissue was about. This seemed to offend him and he did not want to speak or discuss it with me any more. Two words, HEART BROKEN & DEVASTATED. I AM TOTALLY INCONSOLABLE at the thought he does not want to speak with me,.

    Then why did this fucking idiot say I could ring him in his letter? Did he think I was going to ring up QUIVERING AND DRIBBLING like a nervous wreck at the empty and without foundation threat he was making?

    However on a brighter note I will be buying a box of tissues for Councillor Harvey WHO CLEARLY MUST BE CRYING ON MR HOOPER’S SHOULDER. It is a shame the numpty head can not put as much vigour in to stopping the polluters killing me and others. THERE WAS BOB HOPE AND NOW WE GOT COUNCILLOR HARVEY NO HOPE

  3. thebristolblogger Post author

    It shouldn’t escape people’s notice that Steve was a candidate at the last election in Avonmouth and Harvey is the Conservative councillor for Avonmouth.

    So is Drooper creating fictitious legal threats on behalf of the Conservative Party against their political opponents?

    Looks like another bent boss at the city council, working for councillors and not for us.

  4. Naomi

    Two of the best people I know! being threatened with an asbo ? The council will not destroy freedom of speech and will not destroy us standing up together and fighting you, Hooper, Hopkins and any other council officers or councillors who want to go about wielding their sticks at good people of Bristol ..we are ready for you !

    1. Andrew forsey

      Freedom of speech is what makes this country great. How dare the council try and stop the good people of Bristol from expressing their views. It’s called democracy. Gary Hopkins and crew go and crawl under the stone you were hiding under. We are gunning for you.

  5. Sexy Amy

    Councillor Harvey has already lied to the Community Of Avonmouth over his fictitious so called call in at the planning meeting for the Nexterra incinerator George Fergusson has lied continuously to the residents of Avonmouth BCC gave a grant of £2,500 to an organisation known as Projects Avonmouth towards a scabby old fur tree / Christmas tree in Avonmouth Park this is the dearest tree in Bristol a total of £5,000.00 spent yet this tree was donated by a port employee looks like it come from their front garden, wonder if BCC funded the fucking lumber jack as well to cut it down.

    Who and what are Projects Avonmouth Hmmm Councillor Harvey, Councillor Melias, Ian Smith Local Resident fresh faced boy out of Primary School Tom Mounter web site provider and ad min and some woman from the local church that God only visits twice a month as it is only open twice a month claiming to represent Avonmouth more DODGY DEALINGS WITH TAX PAYERS MONEY guess the drink will be flowing this Christmas in certain households in the Avonmouth ward with smoked salmon Vol – Au- Vents Whilst the rest of the community are being killed off by the likes of Sims Metal, The Bristol Port Company Boomeco and others. Fucking expensive price to pay for Carols In The Park the next project planned open air boxing match, secretly I have heard they are trying to get Don King as the promoter.



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