‘Kind But Still’, Councillor Gary Hopkins, ink and brush, 2013, Jeff from Bedminster

‘Kind But Still’, Councillor Gary Hopkins, ink and brush, 2013, Jeff from Bedminster

What was supposed to be the last day of the WALRUS TRIAL yesterday at Bristol Magistrates Court, where Councillor Gary “FUCKBUCKET” Hopkins has been personally intervening to have the GOTHIC MANSION and TOWN HOUSE (Bristolian passim) prosecuted for noise pollution, predictably descended into an expensive farce.

First, inept magistrates ruled that TWO defence witnesses, who may have confirmed the existence of a VENDETTA by Hopkins – already been exposed in open court by senior city council Environmental Health Officer Mark Curtis last week – could not take the stand. Bristol City Council then attempted to have another defence witness PROSECUTED for contempt of court for discussing the case on Twitter.

Following hours of legal argument and delay, the trial finally recommenced in the late afternoon and featured a defence witness, Ms X, who had stayed at the TOWN HOUSE. She revealed that not only did her group not make any noise during their stay as they had young children in bed by 9.00pm but that the council’s star witness, JOHNATHAN ROSS of KNOWLE ROAD, was a RACIST who had HARASSED her during her stay.

Ms X revealed that this scumbag Ross, an associate of Fuckbucket’s and a serial complainer about noise to a receptive council, constantly banged on their door one evening to complain about the noise from a film on DVD they were watching. The next day Ross called her mixed race son a “MONKEY” and a “GOLLIWOG” in the street. The following evening he was once again complaining. This time about the noise generated from music from an Ipod dock.

Ross is quite transparently an offensive and deluded nutter. Just the man to get in to supply hearsay evidence for Hopkins and his crew of bent council officers then!

An already shaky prosecution is now in crisis. Having ‘lost’ TWO logbooks recording alleged incidences of noise at the Town House and having installed sound equipment that revealed NO EVIDENCE of any noise at the house at all, the council is now totally reliant on the kind of evidence supplied by a known RACIST and OBSESSIVE, Ross.

Due to the massive delays yesterday, the trial now has been adjourned until 12 January next year. How much this is costing the council taxpayer is anyone’s guess. But we’ve been assured a figure of £50k is not unrealistic.


  1. Hopeless hopkins

    It was also funny that one of the rowdy alleged ‘ stag ‘ parties hopkins and Ross sought to demonise were actually a multi faith religious group having a weekend retreat for meditating and discussion of faith and peace between faiths.

    You really couldn’t make it up. What next for the lib dem shit list ? The nightmare nuns of Knowle convent ? Clearly land best should evict these noisy harridans with nice new homes …hopkins seems to have a problem with successful women. Didn’t he ask with characteristic Hopkins contempt and charmless was ‘ how did SHE [misha] , get a place like that ?

    A strong, successful woman in my knowle ?How is this possible ?

    Bristol is now as corrupt as tower hamlets.

    1. Anne

      This monster lives in my street. What a disgusting excuse for a human being! What are the court doing about this racist bastard ?

  2. Stephen Norman

    I was in court on Monday when Miss X gave her evidence, this young lady was well presented and acted with 100 dignity at all times but as you can imagine became distressed when having to revisit the racism that was shown towards her by the prosecution star witness Mr John Ross.

    There where a number of things that caused me concerns these being that none of the three useless council officers made any attempt to reassure this young lady after giving her evidence that they would be referring the matter of the racism to the police for investigation, the same can be said of the Magistrates and the barristers involved who are officers of the court & legal system. As a matter of fact the prosecution barrister made no attempt to pursue the racism statement and did not even challenge her reliability on what she heard Mr Ross say. So based on this fact alone one can only assume she accepts Mr John Ross is a racist or her instructions were not to pursue in order to avoid further embarrassment to Bristol City Council.

    It was clearly evident from this fact that they had what can best be described as a case of EBOLA in court number 5 that frightened the shit out of them.

    I have heard rumours for some time now that the fat gutless bullyboy fuckbucket Hopkins himself had a restraining order placed on him in the civil courts by the wife of a fellow councillor who he verbally abused, this matter is under investigation and hopefully more information will be available soon. If the councillor whose wife is alleged to be involved would like to come forward the matter will be treated with full sensitivity expose this man for what he is a washed up useless bully towards woman who has no place in a civilised society.

    I close in saying frontline services are being cut daily yet we see three useless council officers with note books sat at the back of the court room writing notes including the fucking number one idiot in this case EHO Dylan Davies

    1. thebristolblogger Post author

      Presumably one of the three idiots should have a set of notes that can be passed to the police with a view to prosecuting Ross?

      Their equality policy is here: http://www.bristol.gov.uk/sites/default/files/documents/community_and_safety/equality_and_diversity/PP%20Equality%20%20Community%20Cohesion%20wef%203%2011%2014.pdf

      Pages 5 and 8 clearly set out employee responsibilities in relation to racism.

      Surely this policy isn’t just window dressing that the council ignores when it suits them?

  3. Clem Fandango

    Are magistrates required to if evidence of alleged Criminsl wrongdoing Is revealed in court by someone under oath ?

    I would hope , that morally they would feel compelled but I would have assumed strong evidence as was provided in this case would immediately trigger a follow up of some kind as a matter of duty ?

  4. Racism in my street

    Why is nothing being done about the racism in my street? I am appalled that this is happening. This excuse for a human being should be arrested.

    1. Andrew forsey

      Gary Hopkins is nothing short of a bully and horrible person who seems to get off on making peoples lives a misery. He is not fit to serve as a councillor in any ward and appears to survive by simply hiding behind his constitutes.

    2. disgraceful in Totterdown

      I am aware of the strange family living at number 22 and in particular Jon ross. He has been very rude to many people in the street and I am disgusted that he has now been exposed as a racist. It is time that this horrible man is shown for what he really is and people are aware that he is not a family man but in fact a racist and peeping tom. A cannot believe that the council has taken on board his lies.


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