The Rev Rees – just back from kowtowing to the anti-free speech human rights abusers of the Chinese Communist Party – today banned a voice of the voiceless from his own council chamber in Bristol and then stood idly by while his security goons assaulted the speaker for complaining!

Our self-styled ‘mayor for equality’ silenced one of the ‘the unequal’ he’s supposed to be standing up for and instead sided with his bent property department run by sleazeball Robert “Spunkface” Orrett and a dodgy business bleeding our public assets dry. Maybe they’re the people he really works for?

The ‘Buy-to-Let’ Mayor prevented a tenant from the council’s former Broomhill Elderly People’s Home delivering a statement regarding the conduct of the council’s business partner, Camelot, who are running the home as a lucrative residential letting scam (Bristolian passim).The company have possession of at least SIX Bristol City Council empty commercial properties and are renting rooms to vulnerable Bristolians in all of them.

Do the Rev Rees and his useless new head of legal not want us to know the truth about the Dickensian conditions they expect us to live in? Why else would they conspire to declare that the statement was ‘defamatory’ and could not be read out in his council chamber?

Well, bollocks to that. Here’s the statement in full. As usual, we invite the Christian hypocrite Rees and his useless shower of lying legal cunts to initiate proceedings forthwith …

I am a resident/property guardian at Broomhill EPH, owned by Bristol city council (BCC) and formerly an elderly persons home. Currently and for the past 3 years, while I have been living here, it was leased to Camelot property management ltd, a private company, providing a short-term security solution, by renting rooms within what would otherwise be vacant properties.

However, Is it appropriate for Bristol City council to have dealings with Camelot property management? Camelot property management entered into a contract with Bristol city council in September 2013. There have been between 5 and 20 guardians living at Broomhill EPH since then. Against the law, with the knowledge of some within Bristol City Council, Camelot operated Broomhill, without a HMO license for 3 years (needed when more than 5 unrelated people live there. Broomhill is a large HMO having many rooms and over 3 storeys). After the eventual visit by the councils EHO and subsequent improvement notice, no works were done, up to the expiry of the improvement notice and yet Camelot were allowed to operate without a HMO license from November 2013 until November 2016. The property has never met the requirements of such a license and even now after the license was granted, there is an improvement notice issued for substantial works to make the property up to the required standards. This notice has now run out and no works were carried out, until a week ago, when strip lighting was installed, so we are still living in dangerous and substandard housing conditions, with no heating, fire safety measures, or hot water.

The members of the public living there as property guardians have suffered numerous incidents of harassment, including physical, verbal and racial abuse at the Hands of Camelot staff members. Illegal fines have been issued for sums of money with no legal binding and pressure has been applied for guardians to pay these or be issued with notice to leave properties. In addition to this Camelot have committed multiple breaches of their contract agreement with Bristol city council. Failing to supply hot water, removing showers, not maintaining the fire alarm system, removing fire doors and lighting to name just a few.

In my license agreement with Camelot I have paid council tax for over 3 years. I, personally have been informed by the council tax office, that there is no liability nor account, for any council tax to be collected for Broomhill EPH, as it is still a council tax exempt property. Should all guardians who lived at the property over the past 3 years receive this money back, as the property is still exempt for council tax? So why does Bristol city council have any dealings with such an unscrupulous, negligent, potentially fraudulent and therefore criminal company, with a flagrant disregard for their tenants welfare? After all, Hackney Council in London terminated its contract with Camelot in 2015 in similar circumstances.

Clearly regarding not issuing the mandatory license for an HMO, a department within Bristol city council have been in collusion with Camelot for not enforcing their own regulations and therefore the law. In the last 6 months we have discovered that Camelot in another Camelot run BCC property has used forced illegal evictions, with 4 Camelot employees removing a woman from a property late at night in her night clothes, being permitted to take her medication from the fridge, but none of her other property. Another Camelot run BCC property has been sublet to a third party (Meridian), housing as many as 40 of their workers with no agreement/contract in place whatsoever, collecting their rent in cash per person weekly. Other properties have unresolved issues with rat infestations. Also there are several allegations of criminal acts carried out by Camelot staff contrary to the protection from eviction act 1977, due to be heard in court early 2017. In light of this information we would like to know what Bristol city’s response to this is?

We would like to request BCC recognise Camelot ‘guardians’ as council tenants and not licensees. We also would like BCC to acknowledge that some of their workers wrongfully colluded with Camelot property management, particularly over the HMO license. It is up to BCC whether they re-house all residents currently, in their Camelot-run BCC properties, with decent accommodation and legal contracts.

Please can I have a full written response to this statement?


  1. Seamus

    Just when you think that we must be near rock bottom, stuff like this happens and you realise the true depth of depravity that the collusion of business and politics can descend to. – Beyond contempt!!

    1. The Bristol Blogger

      Indeed. What is the relationship between Camelot and Bristol City Council Property Services? And why must any details be so robustly protected?

      The whiff of corruption lies heavy in the air (especially as our information is that BCC takes ZERO money from Camelot for their use and abuse of six of our buildings)


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