It’s all over in the second round … 

The Reverend “Flaccid Flopper” Rees and his seriously fucked in the head housing bosses, apparently with little else to do other than impose stupid and unlawful rules on social housing tenants for no purpose, have CONCEDED defeat at Antona Court and reinstated its 24/7 laundry hours as residents told them to do months ago.

This morning a letter was posted through every door at Antona Court by council bosses confirming that the old opening hours have been restored. This comes after our latest HUMILIATING story on Friday featuring the Reverend and his Avonmouth councillor Don “Lenin” Alexander and their oversight of this deranged and entirely informal communal laundry policy confined to just one social housing property in Shirehampton where gobshite political activist Steve “Stormin'” Norman just happened to live.

Unfortunately for the Reverend and Lenin – who both appeared happy to have some sort of weird and expensive VIRILITY CONTEST with Steve through the courts – their gang of highly paid managers and lawyers have left THEM looking thoroughly flaccid and emasculated.

The Reverend’s housing and legal minions, however, were left little choice but to totally CAPITULATE to Steve and the rest of the Antona Court residents after a court date was set for the council to appear at on 25 September. A case they were bound to humiliatingly lose at considerable expense to us – the council taxpayers – as they had NO DEFENCE.

So will the Reverend and Lenin identify the officers responsible for bringing our council into DISREPUTE – by going to court for no reason with no defence – and fire the clowns? Or were these idiots acting on instructions from above?

Who’s laundry? Our laundry! (and don’t you forget it Rees, Alexander and your failed housing management bullies)


  1. Mitchell

    Not sure why Don Alexander getting the heat on this. Isn’t Paul ‘Romeo’ Smith the housing boss? Likes to tell everyone he’s in charge. Surely he signed off on this court fiasco and the stupid laundry ban? Defacto successor to the Rev when he bottles trying for a 2nd term and runs to Harvard.

  2. Sexy Sophie

    I can report that The Rumble In The Court Room was a total Fucking Knock Out for Stormin Norman he showed that Rees & Housing Supremo Paul Wolfie Smith along with empty skull cap Lenin aided by his side kick the Dippy Hippy Sergeant are nothing more than a bunch of over paid TWATS controlled by there puppet masters officers. The Next Rumble In The Court Room could be in the High Court in London sources tell me He Who Dares Wins the Stormin Norman has a firm of London Public Interest Solicitors looking at some possible Judicial Reviews against Rees and the puppet masters combine this with Action Against BCC and the corrupt planning department over the Day Group Bottom Ash Incinerator in Avonmouth there could be some spectacular fights on the horizon and this is before the austerity cuts on school patrols toilets and libraries which sources close to Stormin Norman say could be ripe for legal challenges. THERE MAY BE TROUBLE AHEAD


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