What the fuck is going on at BRISTOL WASTE, run by, officially, the thickest bureaucrat in Britain, Bristol City Council’s Tracey “Beaker” Morgan, appointed Managing Director of this shitty little council  firm in 2016 by half-witted councillors?

In November, Beaker, a dim Tory from Portishead, instructed her staff to REMOVE from the Bear Pit an artwork celebrating Labour pacifist MP Walter Ayles, which formed part of the nationally acclaimed Journeys to Justice exhibition hosted by the city in the autumn.

It appears that Beaker PERSONALLY decided that this artwork, produced by the Creative Youth Network, had no value and should be binned after she received a request to remove it in the lead up to Remembrance Day from her FAT TORY TURD mate, Henbury Councillor, Mark “Lard Arse” Weston.

Following UPROAR on social media and the personal intervention of the mayor, Beaker was forced to quickly restore the work to the Bear Pit and the mayor issued an apology explaining that Beaker and Bristol Waste had removed this private property without his or anyone else’s authority. Surely a disciplinary matter?

Fast forward two months and guess what? Just one day after UPROAR in the newspapers after Bath City Council issued their homeless with threats to REMOVE their belongings from the city centre, reactionary thicko Beaker issued notices of dubious legality to homeless people in Broadmead, er, threatening to REMOVE their belongings from the city centre.

Yet again, the mayor had to personally intervene and make an apology explaining that Beaker and Bristol Waste had acted without his or anyone else’s authority! What the fuck is wrong with this North Somerset piece of TORY SHIT, Beaker? What makes her think she can do what she likes in our city, such as judging our children’s artwork as rubbish to be dumped or treating our homeless as SUBHUMAN WASTE?

This latest piece of blatant right wing fuckwittery from Beaker, targeting vulnerable people in the city while totally misreading the mood of Bristolians regarding homelessness, came just weeks after she personally FUCKED UP the city’s rubbish collections over Christmas.

Having decided NOT to print and deliver leaflets listing altered household rubbish collection times over Christmas, Beaker then published a load of INACCURATE information about these collections on the internet. This resulted in rubbish being left out on our streets for days on end in the new year and made the city – she conveniently doesn’t live in – look like shit.

Isn’t it about time that the Reverend fired this incompetent right wing twat who thinks she can do what she pleases in our city? Let’s send her packing back to Portishead to die the long, slow, painful death all Tories deserve.


  1. Amias

    This would be so much more effective if you could tone down the vitriol, I get that this is emotive and you are pissed off but it feels like you are angry at the reader who you are imploring to support your views.

    It’s totally possible to disapprove of the government and our culture without such aggression, it makes your arguments east to dismiss when you so it that way.

    I am pissed off , I am angry but if I spew that anger at my comrades we all lose and I do the job of my opressor. For them

    1. Mike Hunt

      The writer is absolutely right with what he says about Tracey Morgan, when I worked for the city Council she was deemed on as very very thick. Now she has teamed up with Dave Dickhead Foster who is also very very thick, I think it rubbed off of his old boss John leaver who is yes you guessed very very thick. They will never learn how to run a business they are all very very THICK.

  2. Paulb

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve returned to The Bristolian after a year or two off because of their infantile name calling and vitriol, and I’m disappointed that they are still ruining their credibility in these ways. If only Bristol had someone articulate with The Bristolian’s motivation and commitment, not to mention investigatory powers, someone who could truly hold Bristol City Council and others to proper account. As it is it’s all too easy for Marvin Rees et al to sidestep The Bristolian’s criticisms.
    I fully expect The Bristolian to tell me to f*ck off for another year or two, but feel free to prove me wrong.

  3. Noel west

    The bristolian uses proletarian language for two reasons : one because we are working class and two because people like Tracy Morgan, Teresa may etc etc ARE fuckin scumbags. We are not in the least interested in having a reasoned middle class debate with these evil vermin. We are their future executioners. Our job is to wake the working class up from their fucking xfactor/come dancing stupor and get up off their knees and out onto the streets.

    1. Barry Calms

      Working class has nothing to do with foul language.
      Decent working class families bring their children up not to swear and to educate themselves properly. You must be getting mistaken with the underclass.

  4. Andrew

    Is anybody interested in commenting on the content of the article? Why criticise the journalism if you are not willing to discuss the issues raised? How about some positive input, if you care?

    1. Sue Forbes

      Possibly a little bit more than “‘We are their future executioners.’… if only we can get the proles away from the TV”?

      Surely reasoned discourse with your readers is more effective than ranting to the apparently somnambulent? (My apologies in advance for using discourse… ‘cos I’m in my 60’s and actually learned such words and their meanings. Even worse, I’m actually a long-time ‘The Bristolian’ reader and sympathiser… yet also a voter for my local Conservative candidate… even though he personally is a toss-pot. [Yes, Jack Lopresti, I’m talking about you])

  5. Paulb

    Noel west’s ad homimem attacks and incitements to violence are completely counter productive. It seems a number of people, me included, support the Bristolian’s objectives but cannot support their methods. Nor are the Bristolian’s methods particularly effective. When I find a particular method doesn’t work I try another. What does the Bristolian do? Apparently it ratchets up the vitriol and violence, to even less effect.

  6. Brundle-fly

    I’m going to take a punt and chip in here.

    So under the previous turgason administration (i hope that description isn’t to vitriolic for some commentators here) we found out that BCC employed 47 PR people.

    In an article in the Evening Pest a few days ago, Mark Weston, lead Tory in council, suggested making savings by cutting £810,000 from the PR budget over 3 years, so that’s cutting £270,000 a year for 3 years from the PR budget.
    Note that he didn’t suggest getting rid of the PR Dept, just making savings by cutting the budget.
    My point is how fucking much is the PR Dept budget? It’s surely well over £270,000 a year, yes? Can we agree on that?

    Now what does “man of the people” marvellous Marvin get for that money?
    Methinks it buys him a lot of social media and local media positive coverage, it provides distraction and obstruction to any arguments against his neoliberal agenda of selling off our city to corporate high finance.

    I think this is article about Bristol Wasters is a perfect example of how this works, the points of the article airnt being addressed and the arguments and discussion are manipulated to distract from the valid and concerning issues being pointed out.
    There has been a much more obvious attempt at this type of political PR spin concerning the trumped up nazi style litter wardens in the online comments sections of the Evening Pest articles about them.

    As the late great Bill Hicks said “if theres anyone who works in advertising here, just go out and kill yourselves now, seriously, just fucking kill yourselves”

  7. Paulb

    I cede to no-one in my contempt for Bristol City Council’s ineptitude, cynicism, cronyism and corruption.
    However a real cynic might be forgiven for believing that an online blog full of anger, vitriol, and violence including death threats was a Bristol City Council put up job, a PR dept black ops exercise in discrediting opposition to the Council. Only when opposition is credible will we get somewhere near dealing with this Council.

  8. Cotham Cider

    A bit of robust language is the perfect antidote to the watery neo liberal platitudes coming out of the Mayor’s office.

    If you stick with the ‘reasonable’ approach no one gives a fuck, and that’s exactly how those in power like it.

  9. Fred Hampton

    PaulB…what the fuck does ‘ad homimem’ mean? You might not like the style of the Bristolian but at least I can understand what it is saying and getting at. The idea that ‘nice language’ and ‘reasoned argument’ will stop austerity is nonsense… what our politicians react to is uncompromising action by lots of people.

    1. Sue Forbes

      Last I checked… this is an internet-based website and Google is still up and running… so finding out what ‘ad homimem’ means is actually only one right-click away. You’re welcome.

      I was going to add “for your edification” but guess that would be howled down by the masses as condescending… instead of just the vocabulary we were taught 50-odd years ago, even in non-public schools. I actually attended instead of ‘bunking off’.

  10. Rat

    So, Noel West, put a few swear words in cos that’s working class & proleterian innit …

    Like all working people are the same & they all swear a lot

    Not a clue my son, not a clue ….

  11. Sue Forbes

    On the bright side… ‘The Bristolian’ appears to have massively improved the number of comments… so “result!”.

    I hope this doesn’t encourage more vitriol from him/her… ‘cos I agree that it’s counter-productive.

  12. Sue Forbes

    In answer to Andrew’s question “Is anybody interested in commenting on the content of the article?”… apparently not.

    Sorry but, IMO, this is a classic example why pure vitriol is counter-productive. Nobody gets any further forward other than calling out opposing sides. Just look at what you have achieved… besides spewing venom. Nothing…*

    *OK, I admit… spewing venom is often cathartic… but, ultimately, where does it get you?

  13. Paulb

    Agree with all you say. Such a pity that important, vital even, issues are clouded by ignorance, degrading stereotyping of the so-called working class, and venom, vitriol and death threats.
    If Fred is still struggling with ad homimen my apologies for the finger slip – should be ad hominen. And “what our politicians react to is uncompromising action by lots of people” is patently untrue.

  14. Cotham Cider

    Sue Forbes:

    “so finding out what ‘ad homimem’ means is actually only one right-click away. You’re welcome”

    This sort of condescending tripe is far more annoying and counter-productive than a bit of comedy swearing. I’m sure you knew that when you typed it though.

    “In answer to Andrew’s question “Is anybody interested in commenting on the content of the article?”… apparently not.”

    Any reasonable person can agree that trying to move a public artwork for politically motivated reasons is just shitty and deserves censure. What more was there to discuss?

    1. Andrew

      To Cotham cider
      Thanks for commenting on the content of the article.
      You say “What More is there to discuss?” Surely the abuse of homeless people is worth discussion.

  15. Cotham Cider

    “And “what our politicians react to is uncompromising action by lots of people” is patently untrue.”

    On the contrary it’s particularly true in local politics, where turn outs are so low that robust action or words can actually get you somewhere.

    Unfortunately vibrant local journalism has died on its arse across the country. There are thousands of single issue blogs looking at local politics but they don’t do much beyond attracting cranks. You might not like the Bristolian’s style, but it gets these stories read and out in the open (which is more than can be said for its limp, hand wringing counterpart the Cable).

  16. Paulb

    Agreed it’s important to get these stories out, and I’ll continue to read for that reason. But I still feel that effectiveness is also largely governed by style, and The Bristolian fails on that count.

  17. Fred Hampton

    Paul and Sue: I should stay in your respectable arrogant bubbles and not bother with the real world of politics. If you aren’t angry with the state of play, then there is something wrong with you or you are the enemy.

  18. Sue Forbes

    Fred: Aren’t you conveniently forgetting who wrote “to die the long, slow, painful death all Tories deserve”? If that’s the “real world of politics” then I would rather stay in my so-called “arrogant bubble”. I would never, ever call for the death of those whose politics are different to mine. If that means there’s something wrong with me – in your opinion – then I’m glad.

    1. The Bristol Blogger

      So they kill us by forcing us to live on the streets, cutting our benefits, depriving us of healthcare, making us go hungry etc. And you suggest we have a public school-style debate with them about it?

  19. Sue Forbes

    Ranty-boy: I suggest you grow up and accept that there are many different reasons why people end up on the streets… and not just because Tories exist. Do you seriously think there’s no homelessness in the utopia of Labour-controlled councils… or are you just so fired up by hate that it clouds your (lack of) judgement?

  20. Sue Forbes

    By the way, it was another activist – Mahatma Ghandi – who suggested that peaceful discourse and non-violence was the way to overcome, not me… but don’t let facts cloud your bloodlust.

    1. Paulb

      I’ve decided this will be my last comment on this site. You simply cannot reason with some who seem to be close to being thuggish psychopaths with large chips on their shoulders and severe anger management problems.

  21. Noel west

    Dont these middle class fuck wits love getting their knickers in a twist ? Sue you really are a sad little tory voting piece of shit. Why don’t you fuck off back to your daily mail and your house that stinks of cats piss you miserable old cunt. And boo hoo Paul is not going to have anything more to do with the bristolian. So what? What is the point of you anyway you fucking nonce.

    1. paul

      I’ll make a comment on the article, I’ve been interested in Bristol Waste since its inception. I believe Tracey is on about double what you would expect in the Private Sector, similar positions advertised by Mitie etc pay between £45-70k PA dependant on experience, Tracey has zero experience in waste or running a commercial company.

      I did a few foi based on the recruitment policy and who else applied and was interviewed for the role and how Tracey seemed to be paid twice for 2 full time roles. it appears the position was never advertised and no one else was ever interviewed.

      Kerry McCarthy was initially very enthused about the lack of experience, double bubble pay, lack of experienced candidates being interviewed. She was really enthused right up until June 2016 when she went quiet, very quiet. And has since not replied to any of my correspondance, I have no idea why, anyone else know?

      1. thebristolblogger Post author

        When she’s George’s manager, she’s obviously an overpaid incompetent; when she’s Marvin’s manager she’s an executive genius.

        1. paul

          Oh Yea I forgot, you were right Bristol Energy’s £20m+ of losses are being funded directly from cash reserves. Just waiting for the ICO to hopefully order BCC to release the business plan, who scrutinised the plan within BCC and the result from the PwC scrutiny on the plan. If I ever get it, it will make excellent reading can’t wait to see how they justified a predicted 35% margin when all the other resellers are making 4% margins. And no they don’t have any assets apart from PC’s, office equipment etc. I’ve written to my Councillors with the answer from this foi asking them politely to stop referring to them as a generator.

          I’ve also started the process of asking the ASA to remove all Bristol Energy claims that they put all their profits back into the city.

  22. Noel west

    Yes the silly little cunt cant even spell. All that private education wasted. Rat boy should have a word with mummy and daddy and see if they can get a refund . Bet his real name is fucking Rupert.


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