The Reverend Rees continues to demonstrate the leadership skills and sure touch that earned him a MISERABLE little middle management equalities officer post paper shuffling for the NHS. Was it there he perfected that ability to wear a shiny suit and talk utter shite?

A brief glance through the Reverend’s weak and cowardly Tory budget for the coming year reveals virtually every department at the council will be making CUTS. Or “efficiency savings” as the Great Helmsman demands we call them. Deploying weasel words in a sad attempt to fool us that his atrocious cuts WRECKING our public services will somehow be improvements to these services if he applies enough heavy-handed PR spin to them.

However, if we’re being strictly accurate, all council departments are making “efficiencies” except ONE. The exception being the Reverend’s very own EXECUTIVE OFFICE, which is receiving a £600k boost to its budget for next year. Although, if we’re to be consistent, shouldn’t this 25 per cent uplift to his own budget be called an “INEFFICIENCY SPEND“?

Does the Reverend think CUTTING everyone else’s budget while BOOSTING his own to afford more trips to Manhattan, China and Cannes and run a junket for ‘World Mayors’ here in Bristol is a good example of the ‘city leadership’ he’s forever banging on about? Did they teach him to be a GREEDY self-serving bastard on his wanky leadership course at Yale? Or is his ‘I’m all right Jack’ approach to leadership just another one of his many embarrassing PERSONAL FAILINGS?

Surely leadership is about leading from the front and ensuring that he takes, at least, his share of any cuts to ENCOURAGE and LEAD his colleagues in these harsh times?

Got to be better than blathering on about leadership while blatantly showing none.

2 thoughts on “LEADERSHIP WATCH

  1. Brundlefly

    Much as I follow, admire and wherever possible encourage The Bristolian in its smighting of the high and mighty, I have one issue with this article.

    It’s stated that the only departmental budget that hasn’t been cut is, marvelous man of the people Marvin’s (trademark pending) Executive Office.
    But from the previous full council budget meeting, the proposal by Mark Weston, Tory lead councilor, to make savings from the public relations dept of some £270,000 per year for 3 years was voted down by the majority Labour councilors.

    So would the actions of our Labour councilors led by marvelous man of the people marvin (trademark pending) in voting not to reduce in any way the PR dept budget, add to the growing evidential case that our mayor is not only a closet religious nutter but an enthusiatic neo-liberal acolyte hell bent on selling off our commonly owned public assets to private corporations, and also running down our public services and then selling them off to private enterprises to make a profit from.

    1. paul

      neo-liberal? is that another way of saying the ‘wrong kind of Labour’.

      It’s like a story thread on a series of Dr Who, every Labour politician that gets a sniff of power and the opportunity to ingratiate themselves and their Labour party mates is immediately transformed (presumably by the alien bad guys) into a nasty Tory neo-liberal Blairite. They must be powerful as they can also temporarily transform the most hardy of Labour Councillors into the fold. They got Fabian Beckles recently he didn’t even know he’d voted for yet another executive payrise he didn’t realise until he was reminded on Twitter (obviously after tweeting how nasty the Tory cuts are)

      Send out the message…..Dr Who…help…. the earth needs you…. (really the working class needs you as Labour Councils are spending their money for services on big wages, PR to convince them they aren’t and giving away your assets to offshore tax dodgers)

      Will the Dr arrive in time to stop the Council giving YTL a blank cheque, will the sonic screwdriver stop the Council giving Broadmead to an offshore developer for free, can K-9 save the cash reserves from the alien scourge that is Bristol Energy. Will the evil alien spell that forces the Labour Councillors to vote for cuts to Bristol’s most vulnerable ever be broken?


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