What the fuck is going on with the Bristol Labour Party Members Group on Facebook? You may recall that back in November material from this private Labour members-only Facebook page appeared on the Operation Black Vote website plastered with the headline ‘LABOUR PARTY MUST EXPEL BRISTOL’S RACIST MEMBERS’ under the byline of the Reverend’s good friend Simon Woolley “Wanker”.

That episode had all the characteristics of a shameless attempt by the Reverend and his small gang of desperate right wing Labour supporters to TARGET Corbynites in his local party and get them expelled from the party on trumped up charges of racism. Alas, the whole POORLY EXECUTED PLOT collapsed when a large majority of the local Labour Party and the city at large piped up and effectively told Rees to stop being a prick.

However, the Reverend and his supporters still seem unhealthily obsessed with this Facebook group. Now we learn that Labour members unknown have granted the city council’s HR Department FULL ACCESS to this Facebook page so that they can try to target any members of their staff who happen to be in the Labour Party and supporting Corbyn.

The city council’s HR honchos, not being ones to pass up a golden opportunity to create a MONUMENTAL FUCK-UP, have, we’re told, even gone to the expense of procuring a private company to do their dubious spying for them and start disciplining staff for, er, being in the Labour Party!

All slightly odd, as being a member of the Labour Party is not usually a disciplinary offence. Since when have teachers, social workers and street cleaners been BANNED from being in the LABOUR PARTY? Indeed our friend with a copy of Butterworths Employment Law Handbook (25th edition) assures us such disciplinary actions have “LITTLE PROSPECT OF SUCCESS“. Not least for obstructing council staff’s Article 11 rights under the Human Rights Act to Freedom of Assembly.

But perhaps the bigger question is why is the Reverend handing large sums of PUBLIC MONEY and resources to a private sector firm to target his opponents in the Labour Party? Is this a lawful use of public money?

Should the Local Government Ombudsman be taking a look at this?


  1. paul

    I did wonder why a certain Labour Councillor suddenly dropped out as the admin for the group. I’m sure it was a complete coincidence though.

    You could try A&S Police, on second thoughts I wouldn’t bother.

    1. thebristolblogger Post author

      Interesting. Our information is that Stephen Fulham, a local government officer who works in the Labour Party Group office at the council, keeps an eye on the Corbynites on Facebook for Marvin and reports any issues. But if you think there’s others helping Marvin out, feel free to let us know who they are. The sooner these elements are weeded out and neutralised, the sooner the Labour Party in Bristol will be effective.

  2. Sue Forbes

    “the sooner the Labour Party in Bristol will be effective”

    ROFL. Almost as funny as this weekend’s ‘Royal Wedding’.

  3. Sue Forbes

    Hmmm… I’m registered yet my new posts show “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Must be the new Soviet. “Personal opinions must be in accordance with allowed/regulated diktat.”

    So much for any vaunted ‘freedom of speech’… :)

  4. Peter Park

    A group administratorcould take a quick look at the members list This will show who granted access to the HR department…


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