With a large public relations fanfare, the Reverend’s ONE CITY PLAN and re-election campaign was launched upon us in early January. This plan is another absolute tsunami of DRIVEL of the kind we have now come to expect from the Reverend Rees.

Created by overenthusiastic copy writers working to the Reverend’s instructions, the plan attempts to PREDICT what the city will be like in 2050 thanks to the Reverend’s ideas. And yes, it is as embarrassing as it sounds.

For a LABOUR Mayor leading a LABOUR administration, the plan, however, lacks much in the way of traditional left wing content. Our search of the document revealed the terms ‘socialism’; ‘nationalisation’; ‘tax’; ‘taxation’ and ‘public ownership’ appear a grand total of ZERO times. While ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’ get ONE appearance each in the Reverend’s grand design for a golden future.

However, the term ‘BUSINESS‘ appears 63 times while meaningless Reverend Rees jargon such as ‘sustainable’, 50 appearances; ‘leadership’, 17 appearances; partnership, 13 appearances; diversity, 23 appearances and ‘innovation’, 10 appearances, are LITTERED throughout the document.

Basically, it’s a load of right wing American BUSINESS SCHOOL BOLLOCKS of the kind the Reverend was spoon fed on his crappy leadership course at Yale.

Is this the future we want?

3 thoughts on “ONE CITY FOR BUSINESS

  1. paul

    Can you please stop calling it ‘business school bollocks’ or ‘management speak’, having been a senior manager for an International Bank, please believe me, we really don’t speak like this. We had 150,000 employees in approx 20 Countries, everything is done is plain English, meetings with more than 4 people were banned (evidence suggests anymore than 4 is counter productive), every decision we made was based on evidence and every action had both a short and long term measurable target.

    Please call it what it is, ‘Public Sector Bolloxs’

    1. thebristolblogger Post author

      You make a very good point. This stuff only exists in the public and voluntary sectors.

  2. dodger

    To be honest, this is bollocks. I worked in the private sector for 25 years making aeroplanes and ‘management speak’ and ‘business school bullshit’ was the order of the day. The idea that this exists only in the public sector is nonsense. It came from business consultants in the private sector and was then reproduced in the public sector, as I have noticed about a 5 year lag between the two.


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