Reports emerge of more Labour Party madness in the lead-up to Christmas as apparatchiks from the party’s South West regional office turned their attention to the Bristol East Constituency Party. And the party bureaucrats are now so keen on purges that although the chair and secretary in Bristol East had resisted a Corbyn-supporting motion passed by their membership earlier this month, they got purged anyway! 

This means that the elected leaderships of Bristol’s North West, West and East Consituency Parties have all been suspended without explanation by their party. Nationwide, 40 more CLP officers were similarly removed during the week before Christmas.

In Bristol North West, now managed by Councillor Brenda Massey, who’s previous career high was quietly decorating George Ferguson’s useless rainbow Cabinet, and the South West Regional Office, requests to hold a constituency party meeting have been directly refused by the regional apparatchiks. They insist the next constituency meeting will be an AGM to elect new officers some time next year at a time they decide.

Looks like an interesting year ahead in Labour politics …

10 thoughts on “LABOUR PURGE LATEST

  1. Sir Rodney

    It is not true that SIR keir starmer’s systematic dismantling of the Labour Party is anything to do with the fact his wife and children are Jewish. The truth is, unlike the Party’s founder, starmer holds total contempt for the Working Class. Actions and inaction speak louder than words. While DPP and head of the CPS, starmer failed in bringing to justice the unlawful killers of Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson and 1,000,000 Iraqs.

  2. Wanker McNulty

    The Labour party eats itself. Starmer realises that without being elected Labour are finished. Stop the Bitching and get behind an electable Leader.

  3. Sir Rodney

    Have you listened to yourself lately wanker ? What with backing johnson regarding this latest cycle of national house arrest, what has starmer demanded on behalf of the Working Class ? Even starmer’s footsoldiers don’t give a toss. Example: the ban on ‘no-fault’ (section 21) evictions is due to end on 11th January this year. Thangham’s response ? A letter to the Housing Minister, which is ignored. What then ? Well a second letter pointing out how rude it was to ignore the first one. In the mean-time it’s less than a week before landlords can legally put people out on the street. In freezing conditions during a pandemic FFS. And you call this an electable party ? Just as in the USA, we have two major right-wing imperialist parties.

  4. Sir Rodney

    If that wanna be gangster Rees and his squandering of £50 MILLION – while not giving a toss about taking care of S.E.N.D. children – is an example of an electable Labour Party – then they can GO FUCK THEMSELVES Master Bates … OK ?

  5. Norman Bates

    Rees is dispicable. However what chance do the left have without an electable leader? Remember your Initial criticism was of Starmer.

  6. Norman Bates

    Why has this not been reported on mainstream media? Corbyn was falsely accused of being a Czech spy and the media lapped it up.

  7. Sir Rodney

    What’s that ? Diversion tactics, off on a tangent ?
    On topic –
    Starmer’s Labour and Johnson’s bastard Tories are just two cheeks of the same shitty arse.
    As in the U.S.A., Britain has two major imperialist parties.
    (Surely that’s just one party ? – ed.)
    Yes ed. – one party two names.
    Or PSYCHOs.
    (The definition of which is when the follow criteria are met – ed.)
    1) Socially irresponsible,
    2) Violates the rights of others,
    3) Inability to distinguish between right and wrong,
    4) Difficulty with remorse or empathy,
    5) Tendency to lie often,
    6) Manipulates others,
    7) Recurring problems with the law.
    All (pretty much) kept from pubic view by fellow maniacs – mass, corporate, media.


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