Own Goal Cole: let’s hope his taste in history is better than his taste in shirts

What do you get if you combine a committee of snooty academics from the University of Bristol with a committee of time-serving Labour Party Hacks? THE BRISTOL HISTORY COMMISSION!

This ongoing FARCE, set up by the Reverend Rees in the wake of the Colston statue dethroning, has lurched from PR COCK-UP to PR DISASTER and now seems to be aiming to achieve all-out city-wide LAUGHING STOCK status. 

The Commission got off to bad start with lots of people from across the city when its newly appointed Chair – who no one had ever heard of – University of Bristol History Professor Tim “OWN GOAL” Cole, decided, after a phone call with the CPS over the summer, that his Commission would COLLABORATE with the Avon & Somerset Police and become part of the criminal justice system. 

Own Goal, we learn, UNILATERALLY made the dubious decision – of questionable academic ethics –  that his commission would be part of the PUNISHMENT for protestors who hauled down the Colston statue and got conditionally cautioned by police for criminal damage. Prof Own Goal agreed to oversee a questionnaire where protestors would set out their reasons for their actions. Remarkably, most members of the commission only learned of Own Goal’s dodgy decision when they read about it in the Guardian on 18 September!

Own Goal’s next brilliant wheeze was to get some interns in to do the commission’s work for them because all these very important people are “TOO BUSY“. Own Goal personally advertised the internships – exclusively for University of Bristol post grads – at £10 PER HOUR funded by his Brigstowe Institute who, we’re told, receive money from, er … Wait for it … the MERCHANT VENTURERS, the city’s loathsome Colston cultists and dodgy statue enthusiasts!

Own Goal’s ad immediately came to the attention of #shitjobwatch, who monitor “very precarious or exploitative University of Bristol jobs”. They described the four internships as a “FIRST CHOICE” example of such practices. What does History Commission member and head of the South West TUC Nigel Costley have to say about that then?

And finally, when is Own Goal going to get off the phone to the Guardian, get his arse in gear and answer the simple set of questions about his commission sent to him last August by the Bristol Radical History Group? 

Has Own Goal got any answers?


  1. Andrew F L Cocks

    Is it lawful for the criminal justice system to allocate fines to third parties? Regarding your last paragraph it is obvious that the euphemistically named Bristol University will not correspond with Bristol Radical History group or any other local historians who have been researching our history continually for generations because the organisation was set up outside the wall so they could literally look down on the Bristolians. They even claim that Merchant Venturers donated the building to us whist no mention is made of the men who worked the fields and factories or the sailors dockers draymen railwaymen and others who gave them their money. Isnt it time they cleared off?

  2. Mary Prince

    Any more news about this ?
    Has this hole named Coal even started to name shame and explain ?
    How the stealing, selling, slaying of human beings on an organised and industral scale came into being.
    And continues to be til this present day ?
    Who’s who in the act, cover up and profiteering of the slave trade ? Where did this blood money go ?
    One detail we now know so far to be fact –
    anything and everything that has the name Marvin Rees attached to it is solely about the irreverent reverend and his unholey associates addiction to accumulating even greater wealth regardless of any suffering, reputation or conscience along the way.
    These are facts that have already GONE DOWN IN HISTORY.


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