Kerry on People Scrutiny

If you’re ever looking for some visceral screen entertainment over the next few years, we suggest you take a look at Bristol City Council’s People Scrutiny Commission on Youtube. Finally, it looks like the gloves might be coming off against the council’s social care and education bosses for failures and evasions stretching back for years.

The Commission is chaired by Tim “Little Asshat” Kent who has a child with special educational needs in Bristol and has the scars on his back to show for it. He’s joined on the committee by Christine “Miss” Townsend, who has been accused in the past of being a ‘terrorist’ by local academy chain The Venturers Trust for complaining about their admission procedures, and Hartcliffe councillor Kerry “Rosie” Bailes.

Kerry has a child with special educational needs who’s been forced out of his primary school for three years now, because, as far as we can tell, his Hartcliffe school is run by some sort of Nazi freak fully backed by the council. Also on the Committee are Tim “The Ripper” Rippington who has family experience with autism and Bristol City Council ‘services’ and Geoff “Cods” Gollop who has a family member drifting around somewhere at the wrong end of the council’s adult care service.

All-in-all it looks like the focus of this committee might be on the human rights of children and service users. Rather than its usual business of blaming parents, covering up abuse and ignoring the systematic management failures of senior bosses and an embedded culture of institutional disability discrimination. An approach that bosses, for years, have tidily wrapped up in complicated bureaucracy and unfathomable technocratic jargon to give their ugly work a veneer of respectability.

The first meeting of People Scrutiny got off to a flying start with Kerry telling Hugh “Hell” Evans, the cheery, chubby Jacqui “Village” Jensen replacement as Executive Director Of Institutional Abuse (surely Executive Director of People? Ed), in relation to his ‘Building Rights: a review of Bristol’s policies and actions for people with learning disabilities and autistic people’ report:

 “This all sounds really amazing. A lot of it should already be happening. The law was changed a very long time ago and we just haven’t seen it. As public forum said, there is no accountability. You know that I’ve been in the system nearly four years now and I’ve seen no difference. It’s still very much a you’ll do as you’re told or else system and when I say or else, I mean or ,else. It is awful.”

My son was thrown into a car park at five years old. He was locked in an office for being autistic. This report talks about abuse in care homes. That’s happening in our schools under our noses. And when we complain about it, we are lied about. There is no accountability. What kind of consequences are there if none of this happens? You know it can’t go on as it is. This is our children, you know? What consequences are there? The people who abused autistic people in care homes went to prison. You know what? When are our children going to get justice. When is there going to be some consequences?”

Evans, unsurprisingly, didn’t offer Kerry a timeline on when council bosses and education ‘leaders’ might suffer any consequences for abusing children and ignoring service user’s rights. Instead a private meeting away from the public eye was offered by Education Director Alison “Burly” Hurley.

Kerry, not one to be easily distracted by useless private meetings with desperate arse-covering council bosses keen to keep a fat salary rolling into their bank account at the expense of abused children, has instead approached the Police and Crime Commissioner requesting a criminal investigation into the abuse of SEND pupils in Bristol schools.

Last week’s meeting is available on Youtube with more set to come


  1. spasticis articulus

    Fucking hell. More than two decades into the 21st century this shit continues.
    To scream this is a fucking disgrace would not even come close to describe this abomination. Well done Kelly. I hope they’ll not try their usual trick and drag this out for ages. Notice how Hurley tried to run from the public record ?
    Would the police do anything ? They’re a bunch of institutional abusers themselves !
    Thank fuck there finally seems to be some people’s representatives from the real world, not wanting to pursue vanity projects, thief our money while telling us to be fucking positive.
    Abusive bastards deserve all they get.

    1. Spelling Autisticus

      I’m back again to correct a couple of errors and add a little more to the debate.
      First apologies to Rosie, I wrote Kelly when I should of said Kerry. More power to you on this one.
      Many will of you will of noticed I wrote Marvin Reed when of course it’s Marvin Reek cause he smells of shit.
      Reek is fond of repeating how he grew up at various places around Bristol. Of course this is an edited account of his childhood.
      The fact his mother survived is because of support and assistance from women’s refuges received when stinker was a child.
      Without kindness, empathy and understanding who knows what might of become of young stinky Reek.
      Yet when it comes to his turn to stand up and protect the vulnerable – everybody is left wanting. Having to turn to greater authority to compel provision that is both the decent thing to do but also a statutory obligation.
      The fact it has taken till the second term in office to address this year’s old travesty is an obvious pointer to what a selfish, inconsiderate, incompetent politician this one, despite his past, truely is …
      …SHAME ON YOU MARVIN but you really are’nt fit for office; so just fuck right off back to America.

  2. even green tea is gunpowder

    Is it me – or is it becoming glaringly obvious how ‘none existent the totally out of their depth, the fucking useless Gween unicorn chasers are’ in all of this ? Opposition party ! They wouldn’t know how to conduct a children’s birthday party. Ineffective, lacking vision pointless party more like.
    Go practice in some parish council til you get a fire in yer belly and learn what you fucking stand for. Til then take your Horlicks and get back to bed before 10. My neighbour’s 3 week dead cat us more threatening.

  3. nasty co n

    Local press today report how Tory PCC Shelford has not acted on Kerry’s complaint.
    just as Kerry is reported as saying ‘ no surprise there’.
    Seems Shelford is backing the council and merchant ventures who claim they are making reforms and not being caught the next time.


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