New Briefing Arrives for BCC’s Homelessness Prevention Team

Homeless directive

In July, a Bristol City Council managerial team led by HR taskmaster John “Bedwetter” Walsh produced a 12 page, full colour glossy pile of vomit called ‘Common Activities – Briefing for The Homelessness Prevention Team’.

Complete with “flow charts” and other meaningless diagrams, no doubt employing external graphic designers at an undisclosed sum, Bedwetter and his team of useless flunkies churned out “inclusive” speech hogwash by the bucket load. All packaged to please the uncritical eyes of the Reverend Mayor and his team of sycophants, simultaneously confusing the general public and rank-and-file employees alike, and/or boring them stupid.

Common Absurdities

Once you’ve read through the 12 pages of utter drivel and after exhaustively eliminating the “positive” buzzwords that saturate it – like “shared objectives” and “creating a city of hope and aspiration” – and distilled it down to an essence that could be easily comprehended in a single paragraph, you’re left with this:

Bristol City Council is cutting back £1 million from its £53 million staffing budget. This will be achieved by “generalising” tasks, and “fusing” any coal-face posts that “do the same job” in the eyes of management. They also reserve the right to “make further savings where possible”.

These measures are currently being introduced in three “waves” that are supposed to wash over Bristol City Council in the course of July.

Considering the number of unproductive bullshit job staff and “professional support officers” involved and the costs of dreaming up and implementing such a complicated and probably unnecessary process, surely one could ask if the £1 million savings could have been far easier met elsewhere?

Maybe by simply firing Bedwetter and his ever-swelling entourage of goons and flunkies?


  1. Public Eye

    Much is getting reported by Adam Postans and Amanda Cameron about the gigantic misappropriation of public funds.
    Marvin Reed is responsible for this embezzlement. Solely writing letters while the people’s money is removed without any improvement economic and social equality.
    We wait for the inquiry report into the Bristol Energy robbery.
    In the meantime it is reported that social housing schemes lose vast sums. Autistic school children go without funding while Helen Goodwin fail to provide adequate explanation.
    All this as the mighty City Leap swindler looms large.
    Marvin Reed continues to pay employment agency Guidant unjustifiable sums for ‘Project Managers’.
    Will Heather Mack, Katy Grant and the other city councillors be willing to bring Reed to justice before he gets away ?

  2. Grim Nasty

    Rees wouldn’t dare to fire Bedwetter and his shower of shits cause there’d be no tossers around to dream up the next flood of buzz-bollocks.
    Without their deluge of confusing, meaningless jargon there’d be at too great a risk. Their criminal neglect would be found out.
    Will our elected representatives want to hold these managers to account ?
    And anyway – all the time there’s visible homelessness and misery it serves as a stark warning to tow the fuckin line or else …

  3. in through the out door

    Marvin the sham (whose smug mug featured on the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival 2021 advert with the strap line –
    Change Rarely Comes Without Protest.)
    tweeted on 23rd July, then on msm channel 4 news on the 28th July, before Hellish Holland announced it on 6th Aug. that £3.3 million had been ‘won’ for the Golden Key scam from the Charging Futures bid.
    Considering both Tommy Renard and untrustworthy Christina Gray were also both wheeled out to announce this news – how much money do you think will actually reach any homeless person ?


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