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Another win for our on-the-ball Reverend Mayor. His new force of outsourced Environmental Enforcement Officers recruited to fine locals for littering and anti-social behaviour – and launched in a blaze of publicity – are being paid BELOW his own living wage!

Adverts all over the internet from dodgy outsource specialist security firm Kingdom are offering the jobs for £8.00 AN HOUR when the Reverend’s formal living wage rate for all council workers and their contractors is £8.45 AN HOUR!

Adding to the sense gross incompetence emanating from the Reverend’s witless LABOUR ADMINISTRATION, the living wage rate was introduced by them just last year with much song-and-dance. Not least when Labour councillors claimed they had to raise senior bosses’ salaries by up to 20 per cent to get their FLAGSHIP living wage policy through.

A year later and their policy for the low paid is in TATTERS while the huge pay increase for bosses not only remains firmly in place but has been INCREASED by another 10 per cent by Labour councillors this year!

Meanwhile, reviews from Kingdom’s former Environmental Enforcement Officers from around the country do not bode well and suggest workers’ rights may be a low priority in the Reverend’s new LITTER FREE PARADISE.

“Worst company ever,” says a former Kingdom officer in Canterbury. “Diabolical company. Work long hours with hardly any break and get pushed to issue a certain amount of tickets when targets are illegal … Managers and colleagues disrespectful and ignorant. Did not even speak to me properly if at all.”

“Run by Neanderthals!” claims another former employee from St Helens. “Worked here only because I was desperate. You must record when you have had conversations with “management” as they deny you ever contacted them. No one can take responsibility or make a decision. No support. Do not bother, you deserve better.”

 “Make sure you read your contract,” advises another former employee from Hampshire. “Told it wasn’t targeted and is to extent. But they try to performance manage you out. Was not allowed to take breaks in an 8 hour shift. Have to pay for second hand uniform.”

Yet another emerging shambles from the Reverend’s useless council. Will anyone be taking responsibility for this?


HooperMayor Wanker’s Tory boy housing boss, Nick “DROOPER” Hooper is threatening to EVICT homeless people living in parks in tents because they’re “a nuisance that attracts anti-social behaviour.”

No doubt they also ruin the view when this SUPERANNUATED HOUSING PONCE looks out of the window of his Clifton pile?

Instead, the man handsomely paid to be directly responsible for the homeless problem in Bristol says the homeless should “SLEEP IN DOORWAYS” or “UNDER BRIDGES” while the incompetent oaf thinks up something else to do with them all.

This news comes hard on the heels of Drooper’s attempts to evict high-profile anti-pollution activist Steve “THE AVON MOUTH” Norman from his Avonmouth council home for parking his car with a disabled blue badge in, er … a parking space!

Let’s hope the first thing the new mayor does in May is sack Drooper, a revolting piece of Tory shit with no place in our city.