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Another day, another pathetic threat to a member of the public from that useless twat of a Bristol City Council lawyer, SANJAY “UNDER” PRASHAR:

Mr Andrews 16.01

Ooh, er missus! He’s told the police! And what exactly are they going to do? Arrest someone for sending an email to a useless public sector lawyer?

This is right up there with legally threatening Avonmouth residents for delivering a letter to a councillor isn’t it?

There now follows the predictable “fuck you arsehole” reply that Prashar must be very used to receiving by now:

From: Phil <Phil@pandrews.com>
Date: 16/01/2015 23:32 (GMT+00:00)
To: “‘sanjay.prashar@bristol.gov.uk‘” <sanjay.prashar@bristol.gov.uk
Subject: FW: Letter from Bristol City Council

Firstly, it’s interesting to note how quick you are to fire off a quasi-legal letter to me, and yet how slow you are to investigate a legitimate complaint against Cllr Hopkins – complaint lodged in August 2014 and still no action. It’s so good to know that you’ve got your priorities sorted. However it seems you are as bad at following up your duties as a legal officer (apart of course from protecting the likes of Cllr Gary Hopkins from a legitimate calling to book) as you are at actually reading and collating information. It will be clear from my e-mail that whilst I said I was hoping to obtain a copy of a document that was referred to extensively in open court – and therefore fully reportable under our “system of justice” –I categorically did not attach any documents to my e-mail. In any case, I think you may be wide of the mark and overstating your case since I do not believe the documents that you refer to are actually covered by the sections or rules that you say they are – because of the manner in which they were disclosed – so watch this space.

Secondly, it’s interesting to note that you obviously attach such great importance (oddly enough) to the contents of a document – that as I say was referred to extensively in court – that you threaten me with legal action, and have even reported me to the police! I wonder why you haven’t reported Cllr Hopkins to the police for harassment of one of his constituents, or your own EHOs for committing perjury – both at the recent trial, and the trial on 5th May last year, or your “star witness” Mr Ross for racial harassment? You certainly seem to have your priorities in a muddle – I wonder what the cause of that can be? Fear of Cllr Gary Hopkins – that he might dish the dirt? Anyway, you have nothing on me – it’s not a crime to threaten to release material if you can get hold of it- well not yet anyway – though I’m sure people like you would make anything they don’t agree with a crime if they could!

Any way, whether it’s covered or not by legal privilege since all the crucial information I referred to in my e-mail to Cllrs has already been mentioned in open court as I say, I know it’s a fact that Gary Hopkins lied to the members of the ASBO meeting – not that they could care less I suspect since they appear to be united in their desire to destroy Ms Simmonite. Therefore, I have no fear of your implied threats that I might have – oh goodness me, defamed the “good name” of Cllr Hopkins!

If necessary, it will be a simple matter to obtain the relevant documents via the freedom of information act, and as soon as I do (if I have to take that route), I shall take great pleasure in furnishing you, the press, and the other Cllrs with a fully annotated copy.

And as a last point, I am reliably informed that the correct protocol vis a vis multi-agency ASBO meetings, is for anyone the subject of such an ASBO meeting to be invited to attend. However no such invitation was made to Ms Simmonite – I wonder why that was – oh – silly me – Bristol City Council refused to do so! There WILL be a letter on its way confirming that to be the normal protocol!

Kind regards Philip


While Mayor Redpants continues to cost our cuts-stricken city a fortune with his endless European jaunts, one of his former Cabinet colleagues was selflessly saving us a few quid in travel expenses. Step forward recently deposed Lockleaze councillor and the low-key, low-impact Lib Dem ‘Housing Miniature’ GUY POULTNEY.

Before being toppled by Labour’s Estella Tincknell (from, err, Clifton) in the local elections at the start of May, Poultney – a keen reader of The BRISTOLIAN, according to our city centre distributors – had been invited to Brussels to make some sort of speech at a conference – something he gleefully agreed to.

However, when Shitty Hall officials carefully explained he couldn’t claim for his girlfriend’s costs on expenses, Poultney withdrew his acceptance sharpish and decided instead to stay at home EATING BOWLS OF SHREDDIES and watching reruns of Come Dine With Me in his pyjamas.

Who says our councillors use all-expenses paid trips as cheap holidays?