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News drifts in about what’s in store for the former city council parks depot on Castle Park. At a cabinet meeting over the summer it was announced that the site would be used for … Wait for it … A MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT! Basically luxury flats and a mid-market chain restaurant, then. However, the Reverend’s Cabinet have also agreed to use the site as a ‘PERMANENT ENERGY CENTRE’. With the PR claiming that a Water Source Heat Pump “which draws waste heat from the floating harbour along with gas peak and reserve boilers” will be located there.


The reason for the sudden need for an energy centre on the site is that in December 2018 the council’s first COMMERCIAL HEAT NETWORK AGREEMENT was finalised with Castle Park View, the 26-storey residential block being built on the site of the old ambulance station at the edge of the park. On paper, a Water Source Heat Pump is a good thing, providing low cost, low carbon energy from the docks. However, The BRISTOLIAN learns, this ‘low cost’, ‘low carbon’ energy solution will not be ready in time.

Instead, “while the Permanent Energy Centre is being designed and built, heat will be provided by ‘INTERIM GAS BOILERS’, one at Castle Park Depot and the other at Gardiner Haskins car park” just a few metres from HANNAH MORE PRIMARY SCHOOL. Yes, Bristol City Council is installing highly polluting gas power plants in Castle Park and by a Primary School to provide CHEAP HEAT to a commercial development.

The council acknowledge, “this is not a low carbon solution and therefore increases the need for the Water Source Heat Pump which will ultimately replace the use of the gas boilers at Gardner Hoskins which will then be removed with gas boilers at Castle Park Depot retained as peak and reserve boilers only”.

So the long term plan is for a permanent gas boiler on Castle Park to supply cheap heat to luxury flats. Who’s up for that then?




News reaches The BRISTOLIAN that the Reverend’s council has quietly put a part of Castle Park on the market. The council’s parks department depot, which lies within the boundary of the park, is UP FOR SALE and nine developers visited the site on 7 June to measure up this prime city centre site for luxury flats.

The strategy being pursued by the council to cash in big time by disposing of our park is becoming clear. With Merchant Venturers Deeley Freed holding a development option and biding their time to grab more land at St Mary-Le-Port at the west end of the park, the council is now opening up the east end of the site for development. There’s A PINCER MOVEMENT TO BUILD ON OUR PARK!

Does anyone really believe that expensive bridge between the park and the old Courage Brewery where Channel 4 ponces are moving in to SNOOTY OFFICES soon was ever for the benefit of park users? Of course not. It’s for the wealthy to cross from one well-appointed luxury mixed-use development to another. The only playground we’ll be left with in Castle Park will be a PLAYGROUND FOR THE RICH.

Details of what will happen to the Castle Park depot are, naturally, TOP SECRET and therefore sketchy. However, expect another development based around luxury flats, open plan commercial space for ‘creatives’ and a few expensive food outlets. A further LAND GRAB from any potential developer of the depot also will be inevitable as they will claim they need more park land to make their development “VIABLE“.

They must be stopped.