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Rush to silence whistleblowers over ‘accidental death of a cyclist’ that could have been avoided

Counsel for the Council Liam ‘Malfoy’ Nevin uses dark arts to silence docks death whistleblowers?

Bristol City Council’s new legal boss Liam ‘Malfoy’ Nevin is trying to wave his magic wand and put an INVISIBILITY CLOAK OF SECRECY over events leading up to the death of cyclist Sean Phillips, who plunged into the city docks outside the M Shed museum in early March.

Last year the council’s Docks Office suggested putting railings up at this very site – only to be vociferously overruled by a gaggle of the city’s great and good. Among objectors to improved safety were (of course) His Royal Gorgeousness St George of Bristol; the director of the ss Great Britain Trust, Matthew Tanner; skipper of the Matthew, Rob Salvidge; and the local Tories’ terminal buffoon, Richard ‘Bunter’ Eddy, who called the proposal “EXCESSIVE NANNYING”.

Alas, they were all wrong – and it took the unfortunate death of Mr Phillips to prove it. Now council bosses and their chief solicitor Malfoy are working overtime to cover arse. Malfoy has already roundly rejected a Freedom of Information request asking for the documents that informed the decision to not put up railings on the site, claiming the release of this information might prejudice the forthcoming Coroner’s Inquest into the death. A claim described by one health and safety lawyer we spoke to as “BOLLOCKS”.

Meanwhile, just a few weeks back a senior council manager appeared at a staff meeting at the Docks Office and threatened staff. They were told to shut up and say absolutely nothing to anybody about the case or they may be dismissed. Because the best way to ensure the safety of the public is to gag and sack honest, competent public service workers, isn’t it?

Docks staff should be very wary, and should perhaps brush up on whistleblowing law. Malfoy and his management gang are clearly dabbling in the dark arts and creating a cover-up. The intention of which will be to push the blame as far down the line as they can and well away from this city’s illustrious ‘leaders’.

And who’s furthest down the line? Why, the gagged staff at the council’s Docks Office of course!