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10.00pm: Polls are closed!

From the Bone Blog:

AVONMOUTH LATEST: Steve Norman reports that he was able to flyer every house in the ward, turnout is up, and result expected between 12-3am.The result swill be a close call between local Tory turned ukip – SPUD MURPHY – and longtime Labour hatchet man John Bees…………both parties throwing waves of footsoldiers at it so Steve has a tough job.

10.40pm: more news on the city council election cock-up. Voters without polling cards were turned away from polling stations this morning as officers had not been supplied with full electoral registers. Wot a shambles. Can the Returning officer resign in the morning please?

10.50pm: ***BREAKING NEWS***

News emerging that City Director, Max Wide, is procuring an independent investigation into the conduct of fat boy Lib Dem Gary Hopkins. More news as we get it.

Hopkins has been spotted skulking around Knowle today with only Lib Dem loser “Steve “In A” Comer for company. No Lib Dem, including fellow ward councillor Chris Davies, will go near him!

11.05pm: Tory MP Charlotte Bacardi has been running around Avonmouth like a blue arsed fly (one of about a million currently in the area) trying to prop up her failing Green supporting candidate, Matt Melia from the “Norman Effect” and UKIP.

11.20pm: UKIP CRAP: polling 30% in results in Labour Sunderland. Rumoured to have won 2 seats in Woking.

11.35pm: BBC reporting national turnout at low to mid 30 per cent. The can’t be arsed win again.

11.50: Lib Dems on 3% down 15% in Sunderland. Ha, ha, ha wankers! May have to adjust my Bristol predictions …

12.15am: They’ve been describing Swindon as “very interesting” on the BBC!

Twitter gossip suggests UKIP could win in Brislington East!

Our so-called rival, Bristol 24/7, suggests we might get a result by 1.30am. So plenty of time for BCC to screw up yet …

 12.40am: consensus apart from Labour supporters is that Labour are having an underwhelming evening. It’s all about UKIP.

12.45am: Bristol NW MP Charlotte Bacardi is at the count and exhibiting reading skills as she helps with the Avonmouth count. Presumably hers is a specific dyslexia relating to the completion of political donation forms only?

Steve Norman and entourage have been at the count over half an hour and haven”t decked anyone. This is a victory.

01.00am: Counting underway in Bristol. UKIP may take Hengrove! It’s Lab vs UKIP in Avonmouth. UKIP doing ‘OK’ in Kingsweston but possibly not good enough to win …

01.05am: Bristol West Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams and his entourage “look like the fucking Addams Family”. Their night is likely to be even more horrifying – ‘The Lib Dem Chainsaw Massacre’?

01.15am: results coming in from Birmingham. Bristol still dicking about.

01.20: Switch in Avonmouth. It looks like Tory vs UKIP. Labour’s “Bumbling” Bees “looks well pissed off”. Good.

01.30: Bristol 24/7 reports Tim Kent “may be safe”. Lid Dem meltdown not happening in Bristol. Shit, we’re a wishy-washy Lib Dem city aren’t we?

01.55: Our congenitally useless council appears unable to count ballot papers.

ITV are reporting, “there are precisely 24 tables and none are counting”!

02.00: Avonmouth, Brilington East and Hengrove “look good” for UKIP. This looks like aminor Bristolian political earthquake. Time for the left to rethink?

02.20: Bristol City Council has just confirmed “all the postal votes are in the building”. That’s the postal votes thst had to travel 2 miles from the Council House to the City Academy. It’s a shambles.

02.50: Result imminent?

03.00: that fucking gormless returning officer is blaming “technical problems in the counting of postal votes for delays”.


  1. Mark Davies

    Ah, so, Max Wide is procuring and independent review into what Gary (scumbag) Hopkins has been up to. Work has it that he’s been exceeding his remit to a considerable extent (not to say exceeding his waistband as well), and that there might be a considerable degree of misconduct to put it mildly. I think using your office to conduct campaigns against people is certainly not on, but using your office to financially benefit an Ilse of Man property company would certainly fit the bill of fraud and corruption. Not saying that this is what Gary has been up to, but it’s usually the case that there’s no smoke without fire….. Gary (greasy sweaty palms) Hopkins must be shitting himself if there’s any truth in the allegations that I hear swriling around his corpulent self. Hopefully the good news tonight will be that he’s been booted out, and someone more worthy of the title Cllr will be installed – and that wouldn’t be hard now would it.

    Gary, I hope you’ve taken out an insurance against a tax investigation too, since I understand they can be financially ruinous even if you’ve done nothing wrong, and in your case – well, you know what you’ve been up to with LandVest and all these other Ilse of Man companies, better that I do.

    Gary (fat boy) Hopkins may be about to have his last grotesque laugh, and it will be on him if it is – in this context, I understand he has a revolting habit of laughing like some pathetic B Movie actor, at people he doesn’t want to talk to,,,,,,,wierd or what. This is a proveable fact, with plenty of witnesses!

  2. Mark Davies

    In a way Gary (if I can call you that) you can beaver away (I think that’s a good word for what you do, with that silly hair, and revolting Hitler style mustache) going around doing all these slimy, nasty, underhand dishonest things, and think that you’re getting away with it, but you know what, when you step back it just spells one word SLEAZE or worse…….. Let’s hope it’s really BAD for you – that just might right a few of the wrongs you’ve done to the good citizens of Knowle, Bishopstone, and wherever else your grimy, workshy mits have been.

  3. johnathon

    gary fat boy hopkins !
    about time too!!!
    however, how independent, is an enquiry commissioned by the council about a coucellor ?

  4. fair play

    Rumours have emerged that the lib dems have broken data protection rules and in particular gary hopkins has been canvassing email addresses without authorisation. This is a very serious matter and subject to enforcement action. Several councils and police authorities were fined last year.


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