Number four on the Rev Rees’s list of ‘Our seven commitments to you…’ contained in his expansive and farcical ELECTION MANIFESTO of around 168 proposals was “WE WILL PROTECT CHILDREN’S CENTRES”.

So what’s this we find hidden away as proposal number 97, aiming to save a cool £1.5m, in the ‘Saving proposals recommended for approval‘ document the Rev’s PERSONALLY signed off to balance his Tory budget?

“Reshape Children’s Centres’ services,” it says here. “We will review management structures and combine some services to create EFFICIENCIES. We hope to keep 18 CHILDREN’S CENTRES open and find alternative ways to provide some of the existing services.”

There’s currently 23 CHILDREN’S CENTRES in Bristol, which means the Rev Rees is CUTTING Children’s Centre provision by 22%. Although the upbeat liar claims, “this proposal keeps our commitment to those services and the value they bring, and recommends a change to the way that we organise our offer.”

Not quite what the Rev’s manifesto promised is it?


  1. Cotham Cider

    “Our offer”. The language of retail not government.

    What is the betting the “alternative ways” involve the Rev’s chums in the churches somehow.

  2. Stephen Norman

    I am fed up of listening to the Labour Party bleating on blaming the Tories for this budget NO it is not it is A Labour Party Budget he had the opportunity to stand up and say NO these Cuts and tell government these are a Cut To Far he never he choose to cower like some sort of puppy dog panting before the government. Secondly 30 Officers knowingly allowed an illegal budget to be set last year, in addition they attempted to rig the MAYORAL Election in favour of Ferguson WHEN THEY HID THE TRUE FINANCIAL FACTS FROM COUNCILLORS and that is Electoral Fraud AND THAT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE but it would seem know one can remember what number to call to contact the POLICE it ain’t fucking rocket science 999 or 101. Instead he orders another white wash. When I challenged a Labour Councillor on this today the quote back was YES BUT IF WE SACK THE OFFICERS IT WILL COST US MONEY but is alright for the fucking nodding Dogs that we elect to piss on the most vulnerable in society in the name of self preservation

  3. Stephen Norman

    Laurel & Hardy springs to mind another fine mess you got us in to Stanley as Reverend Marvin scratches his head looking to the heavens for some sort of fucking divine intervention and what about galloping Gollop on the Tony Gosling show coughing and spluttering like a bad fucking Diesel engine, but wait there is hope on the Horizon here he comes on a white charger the right wing cunt Jeff Lovell who can now tell ALL BRISTOLIANS THEY ARE A DISEASE IF THEY MOAN ABOUT THE CUTS


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