Bizarre Cabinet reshuffle from the Reverend Rees last month. The highlight of which was a BLATANT LEAK to the press of his decision to fire his Labour rival for Mayor and transport chief Mark “LAME DUCK” Bradshaw days before the official announcement.

Quite what the Reverend and his PR point man Kevin “Don’t mention the private school education” Slocombe thought they might achieve by publicly firing Bradshaw is anyone’s guess. Maybe it boosted the pair’s FRAGILE EGOS and helped them feel like they were actually in charge of something?

The Reverend also took the opportunity to PROMOTE his close friend, hapless incompetent Asher “The Slasher” Craig, to Deputy Mayor alongside yes-man Craig “Crapita” Cheney, the cabinet’s overpromoted finance man.

Slasher’s promotion came just days before another LEAK to the press appeared. This one claiming Close-It’s enormous £5k council tax DEBT, run up over a number of years and still outstanding when she was elected councillor last May and promoted to Cabinet in the autumn, was paid off by the local Labour Party!

The LEGALITY of any of Slasher’s financial decisions while having an undeclared debt with the council is being carefully studied. As is her new portfolio extended to include public health and public transport alongside her existing and disastrous responsibilities for demolished kids’ playgrounds, collapsing Neighbourhood Partnerships, underfunded leisure centres, closing libraries, decaying community assets and up-for-sale parks.

“Even those on the right wing of the Bristol Labour Party think she’s A TORY!” is how one insider described Slasher to us recently.

Meanwhile, the Reverend is taking on PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the ongoing Arena non-appearance project and for elements of the TRANSPORT brief, particularly congestion. Effectively splitting responsibility for the city’s difficult and badly managed transport brief between himself and useless Asher the Slasher. Of course, neither have any EXPERIENCE whatsoever of transport.

The Reverend and  Kevin “Don’t mention the private school education” Slocombe are desperately touting this reshuffle as a “CONSOLIDATION OF POWER“. However, the press leaks; the Reverend’s new responsibility for two poisoned chalices and the promotion of an idiot – Asher the Slasher – look more like an administration UNRAVELLING.

There may be trouble ahead …


  1. Danny

    Hahaha I had a conversation with that Cheney recently, as Marvins finance guy it was certainly an eye opener that he doesn’t know what the term ‘Overheads’ means in relation to retail businesses . He also thought that turnover and NET profit were the same thing, I was absolutely astounded his grasp of business finance was that of an 8yr old junior school kid. This was a conversation about Bristol Energy where he was convinced their turnover was how much money they were making, I suggested they probably make about 3%

  2. TM

    Given the parallels between what’s happening in Bristol and events in the states, perhaps the edifice on college green should be renamed “Rees Tower”

  3. Cotham Cider

    Craig has been a councillor for what, a year? And barely registers in any public record before that point. Other than, it seems, a talent for forgetting to pay their own council tax, does this person have any accomplishments or experience which might explain their promotion?

    As for Cheney, the post above speaks for itself.

  4. Peter

    I was having turbulent dreams last night only today did I realise that a more powerful force was trying to communicate with me. I kept hearing

    Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 makes it an offence for a councillor in council tax arrears (with at least two months unpaid bills) to vote at a meeting of the council, a committee or of the council’s executive where financial matters relating to council tax are being considered. It is also an offence if any such councillor present, who is aware of the arrears, fails to disclose that they are in arrears of council tax.

    A group of voices kept shouting
    minutes are public record
    Why so much debt without recovery action, Register of interests sensitive interest property portfolio, property portfolio it was very surreal.

    Must stop eating cheese before bedtime


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