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City Hall
Fancy a prestigious address? This one’s free to use.

A freedom of investigation request asked the council to provide ‘the criteria for a company not owned or controlled by the Council to use City Hall, Ashton Court or the Mansion House as their Registered Office’?

The council responded that ‘no such criteria existed‘. So how are companies that are neither owned nor controlled by the Council using prestigious city council addresses for their Registered Offices?

For example, the Bristol Buildings Preservation Trust Limited (company 01549056), has their Registered Office at City Hall. Stepping-Up Leadership Community Interest Company (company 12533716), one of whose directors is cabinet member Asher “The Slasher” Craig, has their Registered Office at Ashton Court Mansions. While Parsnip Mash Ltd (company 07166972), has their Registered Office at The Lord Mayor’s Mansion.

How does this all work then?


DOING their best to prove opponents of resident parking schemescorrect, Bristol City Council has quietly slammed a 20 PERCENT INCREASE on to car parking charges at ashton Court without explanation.

A “small” car parking charge of £1 was first introduced therein 2012 despite considerable opposition. Now, within two years, comes the first (“small”?) INCREASE IN THE CHARGE, which can only be intended to raise revenue and fill the council’s coffers.

How long before similar increases are introduced for residents parking schemes then? Although any such price rise could surely only be for the purpose of improving air quality for our children and preventing commuters driving to work?

Perish the thought that our council would lie to us using green waffle and use residents car parking as a crude cash raising operation.