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It’s farewell, then, to Alison Hurley “Burley” Bristol City Council’s Director for Education and Skills, responsible for SEND in Bristol. Alison arrived at the back end of 2019 and departs with zero improvement in SEND and an expanded bank account. What was the point?

As Alison scarpers, a persistent rumour follows her out of the door. Namely that her department has been collecting information about some SEND parents and activists
from the internet and social media. This information has then been shared with council officers and others.

Let’s hope this is an unfounded rumour as such covert surveillance of parents is unlawful! Covert surveillance by councils requires authorisation under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). And, since The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, local authorities can’t authorise the use of RIPA. Instead it requires a magistrate’s approval.

RIPA states that council’s can only collect and record information for ‘the purpose of
preventing or detecting crime or of preventing disorder’ and other narrow reasons
such as ‘in the interests of national security’. How does this apply to parents moaning
about the council on social media?

Moreover, the ‘Covert Surveillance and Property Interference Revised Code of Practice
2018′ says, “If the study of an individual’s online presence becomes persistent, or where material obtained from any check is to be extracted and recorded and may engage privacy considerations, RIPA authorisations may need to be considered.”

But, if you can only get RIPA authorisation for ‘the purpose of preventing or detecting
crime or of preventing disorder’ and Ms Hurley has allowed personal information from parents to be studied, extracted, recorded and distributed, she has probably broken the law.

Well done for protecting SEND parents’ basic freedoms Alison, you revolting Nazi arsehole.



On September 12 the Reverend Rees launched the city’s Smart City Strategy at the ‘Bristol – Sweden Future Cities Summit’. This five-year strategy, “sets out how Bristol City Council will support Bristol’s smart city journey” and, “aims to ensure smart city projects will provide opportunities to more people and communities to assist in the city’s inclusive growth and help towards solutions to issues such as public safety, traffic congestion, energy poverty and health and social care”. But what is a ‘Smart City’ and what are ‘smart city projects’ and why do we need them?

When you see the word ‘smart’ prefixing an object it means one thing. Deploying the internet – originally devised by the US military as a weapon – to collect as much behavioural data about the ‘Smart’ device owner as possible so that the data can be used to predict, suggest and, increasingly, control the user’s actions. Often through ‘nudging’ victims into better corporate citizenship if not outright threatening them with extra-judicial sanctions.

It began with the smart phone. A mini computer in your pocket beaming detailed behavioural data about your life back to unaccountable tech firms and their government and corporate partners. This is the ‘big data’ you hear about or what Google call ‘data exhaust’ as if it’s a harmless waste product without value. If you’ve got one of these phones, then you’re likely to be providing real time information to unaccountable corporations about where you are and what you are doing. And, rest assured, this information is being stored and analysed by tech companies, the government, security services and various corporate third parties.

The smart phone has been so successful at collecting your data and making tech corporations money through the ruthless competitive dynamic unleashed by big data that there’s a huge economic imperative to produce more ‘smart’ products to collect more data about you and your family. Silicon Valley has given this all out assault on your life and privacy a cuddly name, ‘The Internet of Things’.

Cars, homes, public services, exercise aids, finance, shopping, health products, utilities, white goods and much more are all in the firing line for a ‘Smart’ makeover. Google even owns the tech to know what’s in your smart fridge. (Imagine visiting your GP and being told you have been struck off because you had too many pies in your fridge contrary to your ‘Smart Health Agreement’?)

However, to collect this huge amount of behavioural data from the digital crap being foisted on us, you need a ‘Smart City’ infrastructure. A dense mesh of 5G transmitters and receivers throughout the city that can upload and manage the huge amounts of real time behavioural data the ‘Smart City’ prophets require for their big data society.

This is sold to you as “innovation” that will create “jobs and sustainable growth” while delivering personal benefits such as faster internet speeds to download a movie to your handheld screen or the quicker uploading of holiday photos for gran.

Don’t be fooled. The internet is a weapon and the smart city aims it at you.



Eagle-eyed readers of the Nazi Post who assumed it was a rag that covered local affairs may have been baffled by a recent article warning us of the menace of RUSSIAN SHIPS off the coast of OLD BLIGHTY.

This followed a recent `letter to the editor’ warning of LIES AND DISINFORMATION being spread on the internet by SINISTER FOREIGN POWERS and the need for INTERNET CENSORSHIP. Yes ladies and gentlemen, apparently Putin’s Evil Hordes are out to get us! The reds are back under the bed, and our, oh so caring and compassionate rulers are desperate to keep us safe.

Perhaps they’re worried our wealth will be seized by foreign powers and we will all be enslaved? Oh no wait, that happened already! It’s enough to make a cat laugh. In reality, the British press are being targeted by a secretive Government black propaganda unit called the INTEGRITY INITIATIVE whose main purpose is to create stories of a KREMLIN MENACE.

Despite this being HUGE NEWS there has been a near TOTAL BLACKOUT in the pathetic Corporate Media. This BLACK OPS programme aims to gain public compliance for huge military spending and overseas wars by pretending we are under threat from alien powers. Russia is a particular target because it refuses to be asset stripped by Western corporations like it was under the piss-head Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s.

The Unit also aims to create justification for CENSORING FREE SPEECH by pretending that those of us online who are PISSED OFF with ENDLESS WARS and the LOOTING OF SOCIETY BY THE RICH are make believe ‘Russian Bots’ or agents of a foreign power! The INTEGRITY INITIATIVE has also been linked to the HIGHLY SUSPECT SCRIPAL AFFAIR and to secretly slandering that dangerously subversive allotment enthusiast Jeremy Corbyn on the internet.

DON’T BE FOOLED PEOPLE. If Russia really wanted a piece of the UK plc then they could have bought it on the Stock Exchange like every other country did. What our rulers really fear isn’t that pretend bogeyman Russia…