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The semi-retired old farts running BBC Radio Bristol seem rather CONFUSED about Marvin “The Reverend” Rees’s role in events at 44 Richmond Terrace.

After interviewing one of the occupiers of the house, Carl Mann, this morning on the radio, the station’s website blustered, “[Carl] was due to be evicted last week but the action was called off following an INTERVENTION understood to be from the mayor.”

Er, who the fuck “understood” any intervention took place from the mayor?

It’s pure BOLLOCKS. A glance at the eviction order the mayor – yes, the mayor – served on the occupants of 44 Richmond Terrace yesterday reveals the TRUTH in a statement from Malcolm Paul, a solicitor in the mayor’s – yes, the mayor’s – legal department:

“Having worked closely with the police for an eviction on Thursday 12 May 2016, my instructing officer was informed that night, that the police declined to execute their powers.”

In other words the eviction was called off after the police REFUSED to arrest the occupiers – who they regarded as political protestors not squatters – not because the Reverend Rees intervened.

How has the BBC managed to get these simple facts so HOPELESSLY MANGLED? And why haven’t they asked The Reverend the obvious question if they believe he stopped an eviction last Thursday:

“Why the fuck did you start another eviction on Tuesday then?”