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Paul Arrogant: “procurement rules are for the little people”

Big shout out to PERFORM GREEN LTD, the lucky recipient of a number of lucrative IT contracts with Bristol City Council. The main one being a contract with the council’s brand spanking new snooping operation (surely state-of-the-art CCTV Traffic Control Centre? Ed.).

This lucky company have scooped £248k so far this year for their selfless public service efforts. Big shout out too to PAUL ARRIGONI, appointed a director of Perform Green Ltd last November, just six months after starting work with the firm in May 2016.

And what remarkable progress this star employee’s made. Unbelievably, since he began employment with the firm, their earnings from the city council have LEAPED from around £5k a month to £28k a month!

But hang on, Paul “Arrogant” Arrigoni? Wasn’t he the Service Director, Business Change and ICT at Bristol City Council until April 2016 when he scarpered in DISGRACE? The man at the centre of the Bundred scandal after his useless Business Change department missed their savings target by a cool £30million and then created an UNLAWFUL BUDGET in 2016 to disguise the losses?

Indeed, so perspicacious was Arrogant in covering his tracks while at Bristol City Council, he even went to the effort of REWRITING an Internal Audit Report for councillors in autumn 2015 assuring them all was well with his savings efforts when it wasn’t.

Adding to this sense of OUTRIGHT CORRUPTION at the heart of Bristol City Council and its endless merry-go-round of bent bosses filling their boots, we’re reliably informed that NO procurement process was undertaken before Perform Green Ltd were awarded their six-figure sum control centre deal with the city council.

Shouldn’t someone be calling Inspector Knacker? (He may even be spending some time at Arrigoni’s control centre …)


Ho, ho! News coming in that EVICTION PAPERS have been served on 44 Richmond Terrace, fast on the heels of news that Paul “Wolfie” Smith has been appointed Marvin’s “HOUSING CZAR”. (We suggest he avoids the Counts Louse basement with a title like that).

So our loopy housing director with the extraordinarily fragile ego and thin skin, Nick “Drooper” Hooper, is being allowed to SQUANDER over £170k of your money pursuing a pointless vendetta against an Avonmouth resident!

Had Hooper stopped LOSING THE PLOT and started engaging his brain, he could have ended the occupation of 44 Richmond Terrace TODAY and handed the keys of the property to its new owner tomorrow as he’s legally obliged to do. But oh no. Nick’s tragic little self-image and ego problems must come before anything as unimportant as public money (think you’ll find these type of psychological characteristics are generally associated with having a small dick and/or long term erectile dysfunction issues. Medical Ed.).

So due to Drooper’s long term untreated self-image problems, we the council tax payer, must stand A LOSS of £140k on the, now, unsold house; at least £14k in COMPENSATION to the buyer whose contract Drooper has broken plus we must FOOT THE BILL for Drooper’s civil court action to remove the occupiers.

Value for money or wot in the age of austerity?

Here’s further details ….

From: steven norman <s-norman123@hotmail.co.uk>
Sent: 17 May 2016 07:22
To: mary.ryan@bristol.go.uk
Cc: nick.hooper@bristol.gov.uk; mayor@bristol.gov.uk; The Bristolian .;

Dear Mrs Ryan

Further to our meeting at 44 Richmond Terrace Avonmouth yesterday, I am somewhat perplexed by your statement on behalf of Bristol City Council and Mayor Rees about wishing to find a resolution to the current occupation.

My understanding of a resolution is that something is brought to the table that both parties can agree. I personally do not think anything was brought to the table by you that can bring the current occupation to an end.

The HomeChoice policy allows the housing department the right to use discretion. Based on the matters discussed, the occupation could be brought to an end immediately allowing the buyer to complete the purchase by the completion on the 18th May. Thus avoiding Bristol City Council having to pay 10% compensation to the buyer, which I believe would be in the region of about £14,000 based on the selling price of £140,000.

You stated you would not be able to house Mr Palmer and his son as there were others in more need. As discussed, I believe the needs of Mr Palmer & Son are above what you currently have him assessed for.

I also think the statement you provided is a diversion away from the facts and somewhat ludicrous and bizarre given the HomeChoice policy allows you discretion.

I will now give you three cases of where this discretion was used: Miss X, a domestic violence case, was moved from St George private housing to Brentry social housing. This was a case I was personally involved in.

Mr X was moved from 13 Antona Court to Lockleaze alleging harassment last year.

Then there’s the case of the gentleman in Ashton Vale who removed his name from the Judicial Review against Bristol City Council over the disputed new ground for Bristol City Football Club. He never returned to his council home in Aston Vale and was re-housed immediately by Bristol City Council.

This current situation, I believe, is purely being driven by a personal vendetta and dislike of myself by Mr Hooper. He seems unable to make a sensible and rational decision and is prepared to cost the city tax payers £140,000 in a lost sale and £14,000 in compensation and deprive the buyer of the house she has bought in good faith.

Based on the statement given to buyers by both the auction house and the City Council. Bristol City Council officers have the ability at hand to bring this political occupation to an end today 17th May if it so wishes as allowed for in the HomeChoice policy and the word DISCRETION.

Without wishing to sound facetious, whilst council officers may feel that we – the great un-washed – are beneath them, you may rest assured we will continue to fight for social justice and the right for every individual to have a home irrespective of colour, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

I also attach two of the photos to remind you of the current conditions you are prepared to see desperate homeless people live in while honouring the owners with vast amounts of tax payers money for providing slum and squalid living conditions.

Yours Sincerely


Mr Stephen Norman



Bristol City Council appear to have NO IDEA what to do about the ongoing occupation of 44 Richmond Terrace by housing activists supporting homeless dad, Anthony Palmer.

Today – out of the blue – £110k a year job share Housing Service Director, Mary “Contrary” Ryan, showed up at Richmond Terrace offering the occupiers, er … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return for leaving!

Where exactly do these overpaid, underperforming Bristol City Council management baboons get off? Does idiot Ms Contrary think she’s so bloody important and authoritative that we will simply do what she says because she’s got some poncey job title, an oversized ego and opens her mouth and makes a DAFT DEMAND?

This might work in that bent, bullying shithole she calls a workplace where her poor long-suffering staff have no choice but to implement her WANK. But is she so so deluded that she thinks anyone else in Bristol – not reliant on her for their livelihood – will take any notice of her? Or have any reason to be in the slightest bit scared of her?


Nick “Drooper” Hooper: repugnant dreg of humanity

Do Ms Contrary and her useless executive colleagues like Nick “Drooper” Hooper not understand they command ZERO RESPECT from the public and we’re not in the slightest bit afraid of these REPUGNANT PEOPLE or their soppy threats?

There’s simply no way we’re ever going to do what these tossers order. We have NO RESPECT for them. They’ve sold out our city; wrecked and destroyed our public services and spend their time fucking up our lives for huge personal gain.

These are people who force vulnerable families to live around RAW SEWAGE while their private sewagelandlord associates get signed over huge sums of public money on their authority for fucks sake. Do these MORALLY UNFIT DREGS of humanity really think we owe them anything except our undying hatred?

We suggest next time the council sends one their SHIT-FOR-BRAINS superannuated managers around to Richmond Terrace, they come with a proper offer or don’t bother.

We’re not fucking stupid. When will these overpaid wankers understand that?



While homelessness in the city has increased by 40 PER CENT in a year and the housing crisis grips tighter, the council’s useless Tory boy housing boss, NICK “DROOPER” HOOPER seems to have found himself far more important things to do than deal with these … Such as setting up a, er, SPY NETWORK to catch council tenants he dislikes!

Over at Antona Court in Shire, residence of local firebrand and friend of the Bristolian Steve “The Avon Mouth” Norman, Drooper seems to have set up an INTELLIGENCE NETWORK with the sole aim of skewering Steve for er, something or other.

Last year Drooper THREATENED Steve, registered disabled, with EVICTION for parking his car too near a door at Antona Court soon after he had had threatened Steve with an ASBO for delivering a letter to his councillor in Avonmouth Library.

The eviction threat was hastily dropped, however, when Steve instructed Drooper to cease his “FUTILE BULLYING EXERCISE” and take him to court and evict him if he had a case. A course of action Drooper appears to not want to pursue. Wonder why?

Since then, Drooper’s brilliant spy network has uncovered lots of wrongdoing at Antona Court such as an ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS car repair business working from the car park; an ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS drug dealer in the block and an ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS sub letting resident!

However, not one to get deterred by having poor quality fabricated evidence exposed, Drooper simply widened his net across Antona Court to unearth all kinds of entirely NON-CRIMINAL ACTIVITY among the tenants such as a resident who hoards stuff; dog shit on the grass outside the flats and even a woman who keeps ferrets!

Unfortunately we’re unable to confirm, at this stage, whether those ferrets are shitting on the lawn too. Or whether Drooper has launched an expensive HIGH LEVEL INVESTIGATION with a view to issuing the world’s first ferret shit-related eviction threat in the history of social housing? If that doesn’t earn Drooper his £15k a year “uplift band” then what will? (solving the city’s homeless problem? ed.)

But how is Drooper obtaining all this top quality intelligence? Well, a brief saunter around the perimeter of Antona Court reveals that ONE RESIDENT – and one resident only – has taken delivery of a brand new garden box courtesy of Drooper’s housing department. Why would that be?

Is Drooper running a garden furniture for DAFT INFORMATION ring out of Antona Court? And will the council give us all a couple of deckchairs and some pot plants if we phone in our ferret shit-related concerns direct to Drooper? (Call 0117 922 4681 quoting ‘ferret shit emergency’).

We also understand that this lucky Antona Court resident has now been instructed by Drooper’s SHADOWY AGENTS (or Estate Management, Housing Services,North, Temple Street, ed.) to keep a diary of events at Antona Court, which we’re really looking forward to reading. Our own spies tell us that it might feature sensational revelations about residents’ friends visiting during daylight hours and people using the communal laundry after 8.00pm.

Clearly this entirely normal behaviour by council tenants must be stamped out and order restored at Antona Court.