Rotten Comrades – Redundancy Pay Cut Scandal Update

by Our Industrial Correspondent  -The Dwarf

I thought I would give you an update regarding the council’s recent attempt to slash the redundancy pay of its hard-working and undervalued members of staff.

It has gone remarkably quiet recently unless, that is, you happened to be passing the HR committee like I did, where it was certainly less than quiet. Having been given a great big fuck off by the unions – yes, I know, even a stopped clock is right twice a day – city council management refused to drop the matter.

Instead, they decided to get our councillors to force the cut through and that meant a request to the HR committee to recommend that their proposal goes to full council for debate. Bristol’s trade union warriors got wind of this and after a flurry of phone calls and whispered conversations in council corridors, Unison decided to write a letter of protest and Unite decided to go along to the committee and protest in person.

Of course when it came to Unison Bobo sitting down to write, he jabbed his eye with his pen because he was startled by Chuckles stepping on the comb end of a rake and hitting her nose with the handle. Needless to say the protest letter was never sent by our amusing circus friends, but someone from Unite did manage to turn up on the day for the committee.

As I said, I was passing and I was sure I heard swearing, the breaking of furniture, a squeak or two and the odd plea for mercy or might I just have imagined that? Management came out of the meeting angry and outmanoeuvred. ‘N’ (from Unite) had explained to the councillors on the HR committee exactly the sort of stitch up management was planning and the committee had sent management off with a flea in their ears.

I was told by top secret, back-channel sources that the HR committee members found the whole thing highly amusing. A just decision as well as amusing, I would say. Here’s hoping that management now see sense and drop such a highly damaging claim on their staff.

I’m not using N’s name because he doesn’t need his name all over the internet if he has to look for another job anytime soon. But if they do go for him, I think N will see them off. But it will not be thanks to the usual rotten comrades who consistently failed to back him up. N has previously been under attack and it hasn’t been pretty.

But N is in good company. Many of our bravest, most principled reps have been victimised, sacked, managed out of the business on dodgy grounds, or nobbled by their own unions and all had piss poor service from those unions. If this was the train company or one of the engineering firms in Filton, everybody would’ve been out the gates by now. But anyway, here is a partial list of some of our nobbled class warriors, I salute them all, even the ones who contributed to their downfall.

1. R victimised. It was alleged he called managers ‘corrupt bastards’ when they gave themselves pay rises and handed around opportunities to each other like sweets.
2. M who suddenly found himself outsourced after campaigning against cuts.
3. A who was sacked for sickness but really because he was a rep.
4. M forced out of his union position for not being complimentary to a woman by email.
5. J sacked for threats but he maintains it was because he stood by his principles.
6. S redundancy bought forward before union elections making it impossible for him to campaign to win.
7. T downgraded after his own union recommended (in writing) that his job be provided differently.

I’ll keep you updated regarding any further shenanigans.

6 thoughts on “Rotten Comrades – Redundancy Pay Cut Scandal Update

  1. Sue Forbes

    “I’ll keep you updated regarding any further shenanigans.”
    I wouldn’t bother. It just smacks of made-up fantasies. ‘Ratty’ said this… ‘Mr. Toad’ supposedly did that.. ‘Hortense’ may have….
    No verifiable facts, just hoo-ha…

    1. The Bristol Blogger

      Means a lot to city council workers on the receiving end of this right wing, anti-union fuckwittery, Sue.

      1. Sue Forbes

        I won’t disagree, as an ex-BCC council worker of just over 27 years… but the way you write just rubs a lot of people up the wrong way. (And, by the way, whilst I was employed by BCC, the Unison stewards were totally self-serving and couldn’t be arsed to help the proles.)

  2. Sue Forbes

    And, when ‘someone’ emails you ‘secret squirrel’ stuff from the ‘corridors of power’ (using a pseudonym/false email address)… actually telling you the ‘exact’ fucking questions you need to ask, don’t email the pseudonym/false email address back promising to follow it up… when you subsequently report fuck all. You do a huge disservice to BCC whistleblowers. I don’t know why we bother, ‘cos you’re so tied up in your twisted, venomous campaign that you’re completely unaware when you’ve been handed gold.

  3. Sue Forbes

    OK, I’ve calmed down now… but still disgruntled at the lost opportunities – 4 times in the last 6 years.

  4. paul

    All together now.. ahhhhhh

    ‘Many of our bravest, most principled’ – I think you mean corrupt and self serving.

    Council Tax payers of Bristol have this much sympathy (I’m making a very tiny gap with my fingers) for Unions at BCC, think of the adjectives that you use to describe senior officers and Councillors, that’s exactly what 90% of us think of Public Sector Unions, a great fucking gravy train for them, no fucking benefit whatsoever for those that pay for them. Give it another 10 years and they’ll cease to exist.


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