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Fancy finding the Reverend Rees in the latest ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column of Private Eye. The natural home of the bent provincial politician.

It seems this brief article refers to Lib Dem councillor Tim “Small Asshat” Kent who asked the Reverend at a recent Cabinet meeting how many followers he had blocked from his ‘Official’ Twitter account run by council officers?

None of your business came the official reply. It’s a private account, explained the Reverend, and he could choose what he did with it, including “blocking individuals who are abusive or deliberately spread misinformation”.

He then proceeded to block Kent on Twitter describing him as a “pit of negativity” at a press conference the next day.

None of which explains why the Reverend is spending £3k a month of public money having his private Twitter account monitored by Impact Social, a dubious internet monitoring firm based above a used car dealers in south London, while blocking any resident he feels like.

Is this legal?

3 thoughts on “REVEREND IN THE EYE

    1. Ping

      The city’s administration lead by narcissistic mayor Marvin Rees continue to throw tax payers money away.
      An unknown amount has been awarded to the company that made and installed a resin figured of protester, Jen Reid, on the unoccupied ex Colston plinth.
      The money was awarded to cover the company’s failed appeal following Marvin & Co.ignoring their request for planning permission.
      Marvin’s now familiar lack of action regarding this offensive reminder of slave trading, slap in the city centre is yet again costing us dear.
      In the meantime this terriblely managed situation rumples on.
      Well done Marvin – paying more while achieving less – ONCE AGAIN !
      This behaviour is now becoming his legacy, that and upsetting loads of people along the way.


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