Yesterday saw another poorly attended march around Broadmead as part of a “global day of action for climate justice.”

The usual liberal suspects bearing ‘witty’ homemade placards were joined by unions, the Labour Party and the Green Party, all touting a version of “the Green New Deal”. Where large sums of commercially confidential public money will be handed over to struggling corporations with no questions allowed to provide profitable market solutions to the climate crisis.

Under the ubiquitous straplines “net zero” and “just transition”, some of the most unjust organisations and institutions on the planet – that created climate change in the first place – are now going to solve it for us (for a fee)!

The BRISTOLIAN’s position on this hasn’t altered on this since 2014 when there was also a “a global day of climate change action” during a UN conference in New York City to organise a climate conference. We said then:

Any response to climate change requires a new mass social movement and the dismantling of existing elites and their interests, not some crude rearrangement betweeen these elites (who have already trashed the planet) backed up with a novelty global PR campaign aimed at GUILT TRIPPING US.

If we want to protect humanity from climate change, we have to TAKE CONTROL of business and industry ourselves, not leave it to profit-hungry corporations or a bunch of rich hippy clowns. We don’t want a nicer shinier ‘green capitalism’, we want to DESTROY it, their class system and protect our future in one shot. You know it makes sense 


  1. Vunerable ? Who cares !

    United should be mighty ashamed of themselves.
    To be seen on such an orchestrated pointless distraction.
    Many care workers forced out of their jobs.
    Who will care for our elderly citizens ?!
    Next will be the nurses on April 1st.
    Who will care for YOU, should you be injured or become ill ?
    Resistance ? There came NONE.

  2. Empty city properties/empty city promises

    Come on Bristolian. The people need you other wise main stream media get to form people’s opinions and values.
    We may not agree on every point but discussion is healthy in these troubled times.
    I’ll send you two news articles that could do with The Bristolian touch.
    BTW it has not gone unnoticed you were way ahead of MSM on Camelot and Imperial House.
    Here’s the first two :-
    April 2021
    pre election


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