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FACTS and FIGURES come crashing into the inbox regarding the Reverend’s recent trip to Cannes to attend the MIPIM property conference. A sort of working holiday on the Côte d’Azur where gullible local authority types can get mugged for their land by property speculators.

THREE ‘delegates’ from Bristol City Council went. The Reverend and his two current sidekicks, PR man Kevin “Don’t Mention the Private Education” Slocombe and Colin “Head Boy” Molton. Although we’re told that the Reverend’s Cabinet member for Spatial Planning and City Design Nicola “LA LA” Beech went along paid for by her employer.

And the cost of this three-day jaunt to you, dear council tax payer? A mere £9,950! Included in a busy itinerary for these selfless public servants were urgent events such as the ‘ARUP COCKTAIL PARTY‘, the ‘YTL  DEVELOPMENTS DINNER‘ and the ‘BOUYGUE – LINKCITY DINNER‘!

Tough gigs but, no doubt, someone’s got to spend £10k of our money doing it!



Father Faul Bishop Faull with names inverted

We note that Bristol’s brand new Anglican bishop, the Very Reverend Vivienne “Basterd” Faull and deceased (2006) Irish Catholic priest Monsignor Denis Faul have almost the same name.

Father Faul was well known for his POLITICAL PROTEST-BREAKING activities in the H Blocks (Maze Prison, Northern Ireland), to which the British colonial state had given him unfettered access for that very purpose.

South of the border, the very same good priest also campaigned tirelessly AGAINST such basic human rights such as contraception, divorce and abortion. Are these two Faullish clerics by any chance related?